Style your life. Live your purpose. Embrace your divinity.


British women know that something needs to change.

The ‘old’ way isn’t working.

It doesn’t support the environment.

It doesn’t connect them with their desires.

It doesn’t pay them enough.

It doesn’t help them support the causes and ideas and campaigns that they love.

Even if they find a moment of peace and contentment here or there, it doesn’t last.

The power of the feminine approach

Collectively, as women (and more so if you’re women of colour or have a disability), we know what powerlessness feels like.

We’ve made progress. There’s growing awareness. There’s better understanding.

But it’s not enough. And it won’t be enough until every woman claims her own sovereignty. Her own divinity within her human body experience.

I want to teach you how to awaken the wonder woman within you.

I want to teach you the specific ways we can all tap into our wonder woman.

Most of us already have the tools we have to survive like a man in a masculine world. In order to transform it to an ‘everybody’ world, we need gentle, powerful way of the feminine.

Transformation, whether in a business, a family or a relationship, is, of course, effected by action - DOING something differently. But in order for that to be long lasting, there must be a fundamental shift is who we’re BEING or how we’re RELATING to whatever is in our lives.

A lot of shit can get in the way with changing who we’re BEING or how we’re RELATING. Beliefs, habits, ideas, pain, emotions.

The way of the feminine means asking ourselves: What are our deepest desires for our lives?

Does that sound selfish?

Because the world actually needs our deepest desires to be fulfilled.

No conscious woman who ever followed her deepest desires just made a load of money and went to sit on a beach. No. She impacts everybody she meets, she shows up authentically, glowing with her own joy, and sets the world on fire.

We need our fullest self-expression: whatever that looks like for you.

So whether you need to lean into your unique essence, unleash the power of your wild womb, tap into your strong warrior energy or step into your power as a radiant goddess let’s take some time and make ourselves some sacred space for you to see what you most need to start thriving.

Because the world is ready for a beautiful, conscious wonder woman like you.

So let's get going...

About me

I’m a professional priestess.

I help women heal, get out of their own way, change their minds about who they really are and what they can do and teach them how to lead themselves, their families, their communities and their children to live fuller, more conscious and more adventurous lives.

My story

I had THE most privileged upbringing (in one of the most desirable parts of the UK, in the best part of town, privately educated, plenty of cash).

I was a christian to boot. Ticket to heaven and saved by faith. 

But my faith bothered me because it seemed a little exclusive.

Anyway, I did my best, got good grades and went off to uni. I just needed a nice christian husband and a career and a couple of babies and I was all set.

Except after a brief relationship with a guy in the church, who was shortly afterwards to be convicted as a sex offender, I felt my life collapse. I left my Christian faith. Everything I believed about the world and life seemed to go to shit. Nothing was working. I wasn’t happy in my job, I hadn’t got a boyfriend and I wondered; when is it my turn for things to go right?

Turns out: never.

It’s NEVER going to be ‘your turn’.

Because life doesn’t just happen, it’s created.

And you create it.

And I want to show you HOW.

Bespoke 1:1 coaching for pioneering, adventurous, sustainably-minded men and women.