Are you ready to lead with raw authenticity without compromising your values? 

Being a strong authentic, awakened leader is a huge privilege and a deep challenge.

It's a position we may not have set out to take, and which perhaps can seem more of a mountainside than a summit.

My name is Claire and I believe we are all destined for Greatness.

Sometimes, I know, the world doesn't feel very great.

Yet we know we are called to lead organisations, movements and create businesses to make our cities and communities, our country and the world a place which is happier, more sustainable and free. 

We must lead by example, by manifesting peace and abundance and living with delicious simplicity. 

Will you be part of that with us? 

What would it mean for you to know how life really worked?

How would it feel to know how to have and build deep confident faith in yourself and the world around you?

Curious about spirituality and the law of attraction?

Looking to learn about how life works without having to invest in a one to one coach and without audience interaction? 

Let's get you learning! 

Dive into an introduction to the Laws of the Universe, with a special focus on the Laws of Attraction, Supply and Thinking,  examples of real life application and personal experiences, including my personal story of losing my faith and discovering a new spirituality.