Speaker, writer and transformational coach, supporting high achieving men and women to discover, develop and delight in their legacy work. 

My story

"The first time I read Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, I almost threw it across the room.

I was afraid of it. Surely this was blasphemy? And yet deep within me, something was stirring. 

I grew up believing that God had a purpose for my life. Yet I didn’t know with any certainty what that purpose WAS. I even sat down with my church leader one day, willing him to tell me that I could work it out with some kind of method, or - could he just translate something from above?

He told me: The church could always use more lawyers. 

I sighed, not reassured by that answer. Just because I could be a lawyer, did that mean I SHOULD?

6 years later I was burnt out.

I’d spent the first years of my career unsatisfactorily moving from job to job, industry to industry, searching for meaningful work that would utilise my skills and talents and give me the creative satisfaction that I wished for. I thought about starting a business, but couldn’t think of the right business idea. I’d gotten to know myself so much better, but still was searching. I’d got close, but it wasn’t enough.

3 years in a demanding job was catching up with me.

I’d left the church, my worries about God’s purpose far behind me, trying to erase the pain of a world view crushed, through circumstances I found myself in, and a clique I wanted no further part of.

I looked in the mirror and instead of seeing a hot, 26 year old, living it up in London, I saw an unhappy girl with limp hair, pale, acne-prone skin and dark, sad eyes, in a dress I bought for less than £25 in some shop or other - and to which I’d made a tacky addition to fit me.

Why wasn’t life working the way I wanted it to?  

I wasn’t perfect, but I worked hard, damn it!

I was doing well at my job, but I hadn’t been promoted.

I didn’t have a boyfriend or any particular prospect of one.

My social life consisted of dragging myself out of bed on a Saturday afternoon to meet a friend for coffee and cake to make myself feel better without overdoing it to start again on Monday morning.

The day work sent me home, I decided.

I would pursue my dream.

I would at least TRY to make it work.

I sat down with a blank sheet of paper and asked myself the question I’d seen on a coach’s website.

What did 10 out of 10 look like in my life?

How did fabulous look, if I was pleasing me and ONLY me?

As I dwelt in that space of ‘life perfection’ (yes, it included an Italian villa, sunshine and a hot man to dance with), as I leaned into my newly found meditation practice, I began to see in my mind’s eye, the person I longed to be.

Cycling through cobbled Italian streets in a tea dress with a sunhat on.

Dancing with a gentle man, at the local dance hall.

Sitting at my desk, with notebook and pen, chatting away to people around the world.

World travel. Exquisite, organic food. Yoga classes.

Swimming in blue seas.

More images came.

A new picture: one of me standing on a stage talking to people. Sometimes hundreds. Another one, of me writing for print, being published.

These were new, and yet they weren’t exactly unfamiliar. They felt natural. Helpful. Like they breathed goodness and simultaneously burned a new path.

The deepest part of me - my soul - seemed to be working together with my already voiced desires to create these pictures. What I truly desired my life to look like. I was salivating.

It felt aligned. Purposeful. With a palpable sense of urgency, laced with the unique tinge: my soul telling me to relax. This was MY path, and oh, was it really?

My purpose?

I've learned this:

Your calling is what you decide it is.

Your most beautiful life is determined by whatever the f*ck you say it looks like

Your purpose is living your best and fabulous life. And that will change the world.

With a sense that I could see the work I was born to do - without knowing my message or if or how I could make any money doing it, I took my first steps towards my vision.

What were those steps?

1) I decided.

2) I started.

3) I began to make choices - to rewrite the story.

And then I kept on choosing.

Will you? 

Will you decide like I did? 

Will you start? Will you make the choice to step into the life you REALLY want?  

You'll only get clear on your OWN beautiful life by committing to yourself and taking action. If you're ready to commit, I would love to 'meet' you and support you in seeing what's next and if you resonate with my work and message, I invite you to book an appointment with me to connect, chat and see whether coaching is right for you. 

About Claire

Claire is a speaker, writer and coach with a vision to see British men and women step into their power to create beautiful lives for themselves (and change the world). 

Graduating with an upper second class Law degree, Claire started her career as a tax consultant, where she gained her post-graduate qualification and the knowledge that she wanted to do something different with her life.  After a variety of roles, she began working in business development and marketing in London, UK, where she began to sketch out her vision to live and work on her own terms. In 2014, she moved to Italy, living her dream and returned to England in 2016 where she now lives in Devon.

Claire graduated in Inner Glow Circle's Coach Training (trained by Olivia Chapman) and Real Speaking (Gail Larsen). She has also worked personally with Kelly Atwood, Caroline Cain and Alison Ottaway.