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Is neglecting our feminine energy reducing our potential in the masculine workplace?

Feminine energy is a feeling energy, it’s about receiving, connecting, nurturing and being. Contrast these concepts with the masculine, giving, doing, strategising and planning.

To be clear - I believe we all have both energies, but I believe many professional women are neglecting and under utilising our power by keeping these feminine qualities out of the traditional workplace. Men who also feel as though they are ‘out of balance’ one way or another, may experience this too. Read more

How I healed my chronic hip pain naturally

The boiler had broken at work, and it was cold in the office. Usually the cheery chatterbox of the team, I had snapped at my colleagues. As I bent my head over my work, I could almost see the looks being exchanged and knew one of them was probably typing an email to the rest of the team saying "What is up with HER today?" My boss took me into a meeting room and asked me what was wrong.

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Staying present on the way to our dreams

Our dreams are there and we are here.

Here is happening now and may pull us into feelings of being trapped, lonely, or discontent.

There seems a long way off.

How do we stay present and connected to who we really are here as we take steps to get there?

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I was the 'Yes' Girl

Of course, I’ll help you out by giving you a lift to wherever you need to go.

Of course, I’m free to drop whatever I’m doing to meet you in 20 minutes for a coffee.

Of course I’m available to listen to the latest episode of the guy you like and is treating you badly and what he’s said this time.

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5 strategies for surviving a corporate job you're no longer in love with

We hit snooze three times, then berate ourselves for not getting up earlier and needing to rush out the door.

We slog off to work, the Tube carriages rattling our souls every day.

We battle deadlines—squeezing in meals, replying to emails and socializing with friends whenever we can.  Read more