A beginner's guide to self-love
Develop the confidence to live your dream

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We know how to move house (or country), change jobs, travel and have adventures. We actually do. It's a case of making a plan, then booking stuff, allocating funds, emailing people and maybe dusting off a CV or learning a new skill.

We're NOT getting on with it because of how we FEEL, what we BELIEVE and what we FEAR. 

We're so busy criticising ourselves for our dreams, worrying about what everyone is going to think and constructing failure possibilities, that we get totally stuck and go round in circles...often to the point of exhaustion. 

Letting go of all that takes some serious self-love. Yet for many of us, self-love equates to selfishness. In this webinar we'll explore what self-love is and how to get started in developing the confidence you need to live the life you want. 

We'll cover:

  • How to give yourself what you REALLY want from your life (and what you're likely doing at the moment)
  • Why we need self-love (and why it's not 'selfish')
  • How to say 'no' (and when to say 'Yes')
  • How to own your talents and skills (Yes, you have a lot of them!)
  • How to learn to RECEIVE (and why that's important)

Your host: Claire Meredith

Claire is a personal coach, speaker and writer, who helps British professionals move from frustration and procrastination to living freely, adventurously and in absolute authenticity. 

After years of changing jobs and searching for the perfect career, Claire designed her own picture of a ‘dream’ life and set out to create it. In 2014 she quit her London job, gave away most of her possessions and got on the plane. She now lives and works in northern Italy, where you'll find her learning to speak the language, improving her dance skills and enjoying the delicious gelato.