When the inspiration doesn't come

You just don't know how they do it, do you? How can the giants of the blogging world just keep blasting out brilliant posts? Week after week and sometimes more than that. Words of nourishment, encouragement, food for the soul and excellence for the world. And what about us? We get the blank page staring match thing going on. You know, you stare at a blank screen, page of a notebook, wall, whatever. It stares back. "I have to do this," you say to it earnestly, "I have to write my post, I have 2 hours and 14 minutes and I need to do it, to get it done."

Nothing. It just stares back at you. There is no inspiration coming, not even if you shut your eyes to make the blank wall go away.


The thing you need to know?

Inspiration does not come from blank walls. White ones are particularly notorious for the non-inspiration thing. Blank walls do not make me sing, dance or clap my hands.

You might say "There IS inpsiration in a blank canvas,  a possibility, an opportunity." You're right, there is. But that is opportunity or potential, not inspiration, that comes from that white screen.

So how do you overcome this dearth of inspiration? How do you combat the blank wall insipidity? How do you not blink first and GIVE UP?

You stop trying.

You have got to get out of the electric chair - the do or die mentality. I don't mean 'Oh I'll do it later'. I mean schedule a ten minute activity for re-attuning your mind. Read ONE post from your blogging hero(ine). Draw a picture. Put on a TUNE. Dance to Britney. Whatever gets you out of the sinking ship of blankness and into the world of 3d and colour, life and laughter. Watch ten minutes of comedy or until you laugh out loud. Write a journal entry getting rid of all your emotion.

Put a timer on it, and then go back. Not to a blank wall. But to the germ of an idea which might have crept up on you, the little spark that made you think - YEH.

Wash, rinse, repeat.