I don't want to!

So you're doing well. For the weekend that is. You're pottering around the house in your 'tidying' mood, and you decide turn it into a spring clean. Your partner/flatmate/dog looks at you in amazement. The good fairy on your shoulder knows though. You're putting something off.

What is it? What TASK led you to the point of spring clean mania, shopping frenzy or obssessive blog reading?

It's your novel/watercolour masterpiece/embroidery/table you were going to make yourself/plans for the new house/skateboard you were going to buy.

A Task? PAH. It's the thing - dream, bucket list item, desire - you really want to do (if you actually look that far down inside yourself) and yet for some reason your whole being is stopping you. You're communicating 'I don't want to do this! So I'm doing every other activity I can think of which has an excuse attached to it' . Read: Cleaning (most women's guilty vulture - always circling), Excuse Heaven (not enough space/time/money).

Now hang on. YOU want to do this right? YOU. So why is it YOU that's stopping YOU from doing this?

Well, it could be lots of things. But it's probably Resistance.

Resistance is when your Lizard brain kicks in (read about the lizard brain from Seth Godin). It's the part that says: this is TOO risky. This is important to you so be careful going in there. In fact - don't. Anything but what you are doing now could be dangerous.

A lot of high achieving perfectionist types - these are the people who clear the dishwasher in the time it takes them to microwave dinner in order to exist at maximum efficiency-  (I write this having succeeded in this challenge only yesterday) have an issue with a creative project because IT REQUIRES THEM TO MESS EVERYTHING UP.

To achieve mastery, you must allow for mistakes. For catatrophes. For sheer crap. For the bad, the ugly, the ugly's even uglier friend and the cold light of day horrors. And we perfectionists are so good at knowing how to play the game - exams, work, grocery shopping, simultaneous housework, that we forget that we have to become children in another sense, to explore, play, FAIL.

Fail away friends, for tomorrow we'll see you in mastery.