A letter to Western Governments, decision-makers and corporates from an unnamed generation

Image by Squonk 11 under a creatives commons licence We grew up with excess, we could have almost anything we wanted. We didn't easily learn the value of money.

We were the playing-in-the-street-still, well-fed, well-dressed children. We were central in our parents' lives, almost too central. We wanted for nothing.

We had education.

We grew up with Somalia, Ethiopia, Rwanda. We saw those children on our 20 inch TVs while we were in primary school - those TVs, now 40 inches.

We have neat handwriting and typing speeds of 60 wpm. We are Enid Blytonised, Harry Potterised and crazy for Apple products. We are fully analogue and fully digital.

We know the internet has power and we know how to use it.

We are apathetic but not indifferent to humanity.

We have souls.

We want to work hard.

We want to be challenged.

We want to be creative, dance in the fields, explode with colour and shape the world.

We have learnt how to learn, now let us express, produce, ship. Let us refine and perfect.

We have taught ourselves how to be interested in life. Now let us revitalise the whole, the world, be giving, sharing. Love.

Help us with grants and low interest loans.

Help us with mentors and space, help us help each other.

Help us to lead, be the example of leadership that YOU want.

Let us bring our consciences and shout to the rooftops.

We want to GIVE.