Where is your power?

PowerTell me. Where is your power?

When you fight battles you can't win, you feel powerless. You argue and think, and think some more.

And then you're drained.

The clever ones don't pick fights in battles they can't win. Of course, they may try and win anyway. By stealth or through learning. But in the most part, they probably focus their energy elsewhere.

Where is your energy? Is it focused on what drives you? Or in what you have to do? Do you expand the most energy where you need to or where you want to?

We all have power. There is energy within you, however tired and disillusioned you are.

Being bold yet unsure of your power is horrendous when there is something at stake. Something you care about. A do or die situation.

But boldness with a little bit of cover, enhances your power.

A job application - cold - to a company who doesn't know you is a chance to be bold.

An avatar with a different name allows you to be bold.

An empty house and a free phone call, gives boldness just a little bit of face time.

It's a way to demonstrate your power, but face-saving.

After all, no one has to know.

And it doesn't even matter what the result is, because you acting on that power play will do you more good than any result.

It gives you practice.

On a real person. Trying out. Flexing muscle.

Pulling back when you need to, when you feel weak.

It's not power til you see it working. You only suspect it to be power at first. It actually looks pretty feeble. A sort of thought. An inkling. A spark in the belly. A flash of the eyes, that often people can see but can't quite put their finger on.

Where is your power?