Top 3 tips for re-connecting with yourself and your dream

We have tough weeks sometimes. When it all gets on top of us and we don't know where to turn. So how do you get back in a place of peace of who you are and where you're going? These are my top 3 tips for keeping hold of that dream and not losing sight of where it is you want to go.

1. Be here now.

Be in the present. Nothing can hurt you when you just are. Things from the past, worries about the future - this is all irrelevant if you are really just BEING. If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's a good way to find your own peace. Have a go at clearing your mind of anything, and just breathe, in and out, in and out. Release the thoughts that will crowd in, just let them go as though you are letting go of a balloon into the sky.

2. Daydream

Spend some time in your head, dreaming about what you want. Draw a picture of what it will look like. Fill in some little details. Give yourself some wild, fabulous dreams. Don't worry about HOW it's all going to happen. We can work that out later. Just begin to be able to give yourself what you want in your head. Challenge yourself if you're not quite sure about something. We sometimes don't allow ourselves what we REALLY want, we compromise and make it fit where we are now or how we feel. Go back over those bits and ask yourself, what would it look like if it were perfect?

3. Take 20 minutes for yourself

Why 20 minutes? Well, five minutes isn't long enough and I bet some of us won't let ourselves take 30 minutes. You can have 20 minutes of power nap if you want. Whatever you want to do in this time is YOUR decision. Carving out time for yourself is freeing, it's joyful and it creates. Can you do that right now, as you're reading this? You're life is yours. It's only 20 minutes. Give yourself that gift and receive it joyfully.

Have you got some great tips for coming back to your dream? Share them in the comments below.