What gleams?


You’ve walked past the shop several times now. The first time, you were just sheltering from the rain and it had a convenient overhang. It was a good place to stop. You hung around a bit. And you caught sight of a ring in the window. A gorgeous ring. And you want it.

Yet, you’re not sure how you’re going to get it. It’s WAY out of your price range. Out of your league. It’s not something you would usually buy. It’s a bit 'out there' compared to the type of ring you’d usually wear. In fact, it’s not really your kind of shop. It’s not who you are at this moment. But you secretly wish it was. Underneath it all, you dream of being that person. And this ring - that would be the first step to being that person.

You just want it.

You want it. You DESIRE it.

Is that bad?

You’re back again at the shop. This time, it’s not raining.You’ve come back ON PURPOSE.

To see if it’s there.

Your heart stops for a moment. It’s not there. Where’s it gone?!

But no, it’s there. It’s just moved. And - amazing! The price has come down a little. The instinct comes. You want it. The price has dropped. It must be fate! It’s yours. Yet it still feels out of reach. It’s out of your comfort zone. You sink a little.

Our big dreams are like the ring. The dreams we have hardly given breath to because they are so deep inside of us. The ones we haven’t added detail in - in case someone sees, and that someone points and laughs. The ideas we’ve had, which we’ve only allowed the merest glimpse of headspace, stopping because we’re fearful. We don’t dare voice it - that’s way too risky. It would require a whole lot of difficult conversations, time, money, change. Someone will probably say: ‘You can’t do that’ and we Just. Couldn’t. Bear it.

“Because," we think, "it might not happen.”

Or “If I try and it doesn’t happen, I’ll be more miserable than I am now.”

"I might fail."

The ring gleams though. Every time you look at it. And you’ve been back a few times to have a peek. You’ve let a sly thought through the gaps in your mind - despite it’s 24 hour security protection. The protection that you’ve honed over the years, the cast iron bars you’ve put up in order to make sure you don’t get disappointed and you don’t get hurt.

But there comes a little gleam through the bars. And you take a little step towards it.

And then.

Then you add another layer of dream which seems more impossible than the first. That mounts your own 'hard-enough- already-dammit! challenge. You have that one little thought.

I don’t just want the ring, I want somebody to buy it for me.


There are so many hurdles here you can hardly list them all. There’s no man, and, even if you had the one you want, how are they going to know that you want it? Should you tell them, wouldn’t that spoil the dream?

NOW you’re confused. Now you don’t know what you want.

Should you buy it for yourself? Did this mean you want a proposal? Maybe you don’t want a man at all, maybe you just want the ring. What does this mean?!

When we state our intentions, we find things buried. Things get muddy. It’s because our intentions are often hidden under resistance. Layers. Tricky places we have to navigate. There might be pain. There might be confusion.

But underneath it all is gold.

Keep digging, keep going under to churn away, to peer through the mire.

Because amidst the confusion, the questions, the thoughts, clarity will shine.

The ring is gleaming.

Today, go and have a look at it.