What if you just can't?

You’ve heard about these people who do amazing things and you know you have that itch. (Another itch story here).

So you ask yourself: What would I want to do if I could do ANYTHING?

A little thought comes to you. Perhaps you've seen an advert in a magazine or overheard someone talking. Maybe a volunteering opportunity has arisen. A picture of a well in a desert with a job description. A 4 month trip to China. A five day course for you to learn how to create your own organic bread.

I can’t just go and do that. 

“It’s too difficult.” “I haven’t got enough money.” “I can’t just up and leave!” “Everyone will think I’m crazy!”

You begin to think it through a bit more.

“No one sensible would do that.” “It would take years before you could save enough” “Think what you would be leaving behind.”

It’s other people’s voices and all the things you’ve ever been told and the loudest voice is your own.

You just can’t. 

I know how you feel. I’ve said them all. Along with: “I’m not brave enough. I’ll just mess up. I’ll give up halfway through and then I’ll look really stupid and everyone else will be right."

Yet, there is something else you must consider.

I want you to imagine the alternative to doing something - NOT doing it.

How does it make you feel?

Resigned? Depressed? Like you just want to slink away to your bed?

We KNOW what we want.

When we shut away what we want into a cupboard labelled: 'Not today thank you', enough, the cupboard sign eventually becomes: “The things we wished we’d changed."

So we know what we want but we are saying we can’t?

What does can’t really mean?

Does can’t mean: “I don’t want to” or does it mean: “I’m scared?”

Does can't mean: “I think it's selfish to have what I want” or does it mean: “I've never given myself permission?”

Does can't mean: “It feels impossible” or does it mean: “I need some help with the options?”

You choose what it means.

It doesn’t mean we don’t have to have difficult conversations and make uncomfortable decisions. It doesn’t mean we don't face challenging situations and truths about what we believe about the world. But it does mean we don’t just look and long for, it means we look at what it IS and then we can move.

Suddenly we can.

Back to that dream.

Taking a tiny step towards what you really want will get you further than you think.

Break it down, reduce the fear. Leave it a little and then take the next.

Write an email to the well company. You don’t HAVE to send it. Just write the email.

Note down the number in the magazine. You don’t HAVE to ring them. But you’ve got it, just in case you decide to make an enquiry.

Book the meetup. You don’t HAVE to go. But at least you have a ticket, in case you feel like it on the day.

Write your packing list for China. You don’t HAVE to book anything, but that’ll be one less thing to think about if you do make plans.

Book the course week off work. You don’t HAVE to use your leave for the course, but you it takes the pressure off if you do decided to take it up.

When we begin to take tiny steps…even if you don’t ever end up going any further with that specific course, trip or group, magic happens.

Because when we honour what we want, our hearts strengthen. We dignify our dreams and we exercise our courage muscles. Rest assured, those who’ve gone before - when they took their first steps - they know the thrill of action. HOWEVER SMALL IT IS.

However feeble you think you are, when we honour ourselves, something splendid occurs. Even though you probably haven’t seen it.

When we give our heart an inch of action, it gives us back a mile in joy. It fuels us for the next.

Yet until you take that tiny step, you don’t know.

Take a tiny step today.