Why you need desire

How important is desire?

Many of us have forgotten how to desire; by the time we’ve been in our jobs a few years, worn down by office politics, trying to change and failing, trying to fit our current knowledge of what we think we could do into our existing lives, we just want to get through the day.

We equate desire with preference, and often preference between two choices, neither of which are what we really wanted.

We may be carrying ideas and beliefs around that tell us that to desire is to want and 'I want never gets.'

A desire to create new life is a deep longing, a calling from your soul. A desire to be different, choose another way to live, serve, give, enjoy is a precious thing. Maybe for you it's luxury, or 6 months worth of sleep, or being able to walk to work.

Underneath our desires we find feelings. We want to experience something. We don’t just want a new car, we want to feel powerful, affluent, independent.

Ask yourself what you desire and then what feeling you desire from it. Do you want a yacht? What’s the feeling underneath? Freedom? A closer connection to nature? To be part of a community?

Or use the feeling you know you long for to create the picture of what you actually want. If we have a desire for more autonomy in our work, what do we want that to look like?

Why do we need desire in order to change?  

Firstly helps us create our direction.

It is desire that shapes a vision that for us is so stunning, we clap our hands with excitement. When we take the time to paint it out, mind map all the aspects of business we would love to build, design the interior of the country home we want, we are inspired. Suddenly we know what we have to do, because the end game is so exciting, we will do everything in our power to get it.

Is where you’re going exciting you this much? What adjustments do you need to make to your vision get you jumping up and down with excitement?

Secondly, desire helps us choose.

Desire helps us choose between two pathways - both may be in line with our overall vision, but different. How do we choose? We choose the one that makes us more alive, excited, inspired and spurred on. Neither road is wrong, but guidance for the decision can be given by our desire.

Thirdly, desire keeps us going. It pulls us through the tough moments on the journey. The ones where we are still in the corporate job and we are part time but not yet ready to make the leap. It’s the moments where you wonder whether you’ve done the right thing or something unexpected comes up. You go back to your desire. What do I want? What do I desire?

Fourthly, desire will help us take the first step.

Once your desire to change outweighs the desire to stay comfortable and safe, this is when you’ll feel compelled to action. Because in the effort of making it happen, the trying for it, that exciting image you have in your head is worth going for. Because you'll do whatever it takes. Because you know it starts with one single step.

Pain may fuel our initial change but we must create our highest vision. Why? Because otherwise we replace pain with something that although may get us closer, isn't what we truly want. It's settling for less.

Go for your deepest desires. However fantastic it seems, however ridiculous it sounds when describing it. Allow yourself to dream your biggest version of happiness, peace and joy.

Design the desires into a life. Watch your excitement bubble up. See what happens.