Am I willing?

When we begin an adventure, we think the question we need to ask ourselves is:

"Can I actually do this?"


"Is it possible?"

"Do I have the skills, resources and capability to set off on such a journey, or the capability to acquire them?

It’s the wrong question. 

The question is not "Can I" - but "Will I?"

In other words, I’m looking at the vision you have for a life of peace, of excitement, of luxury or fulfillment and asking you:

Are you willing?

"Of course I’m willing', you say, 'it’s what I want.'

Yet we don’t know what lies up ahead. Moving onwards and upwards may mean leaving people, places and habits behind - not taking them with us.

It might mean being misunderstood, laughed at or scorned at. 

It’s may also require us to learn to take care of ourselves in a whole new way. 

This kind of challenge is one I didn’t anticipate!

What I’ve asked myself

Am I willing to stretch myself? 

Am I willing to take risks - go out of my comfort zone and face my fears?

Am I willing to look, feel and sound ‘stupid' and wonder if it’s all going to work out? 

Am I willing to allow myself to feel joyful about my work? 

Am I willing to let myself celebrate when it’s good and go easy on myself when it’s hard work?

Am I willing to be gentle with myself when I hit rock bottom?

Am I willing to believe in myself, whatever it takes, even though others may not?

Am I willing to try?

Am I willing to be persistent?

For we are not lacking in skills. We learn through studying, experience and mistakes. We can acquire knowledge and more skills and we can uncover what fear really is and do it anyway

We must, however, decide whether we are willing. 

Committing to ourselves

It sounds simplistic, but putting your intentions and commitments in the form of a single sentence is powerful and illuminating all at the same time. 

The act of writing or speaking - giving voice to - yet unspoken words can set off a whole new train of thought, can 'put us in a different space’ and this helps us feel as though this new way of thinking is already part of us. We are feeling our way into the skin of the person we desire to be. 

So, are you willing?