A word on commitment

Image by Nathan T Baker - used under a creative commons license

The foundation for my business was built on my Sunday Brunch newsletter. I had had a newsletter before, but it wasn’t very regular.

This foundation was built on commitment.

I didn’t just get up one day and decide I needed a newsletter. I committed to practicing that activity that I love, that I know makes me feel happy, even though it’s not always easy.

The art, or science or practice or expression - whatever you like to call it, of putting pen to paper. Writing. Writing delights me and speaks to my soul and I wanted to write.

I committed to this.

Why did I commit? Why was this important?

I listened in once to a webinar with Selina Barker and Marianne Cantwell. Selina was broadcasting from her camper van: she had set off on a 6 month trip around the UK and the evening before had been down to the beach to watch the sunset. As she stood there, she felt excited - she was THERE in her dream life, and one thing that stay with me, the one thing that she attributed to being in the place she most longed to be was that she committed.

I thought to myself: I want to commit. I didn’t seem to be able to do anything, I hadn’t even been able to commit to going on holiday even for a long while but yet I wanted to take the kind of trip Selina had, do something different. And yet, the only thing I thought that I would actually want to do every week was write. So there was my commitment - writing once a week.

My commitment has been tested. I thought I had got through a barrier when I got an email out despite the fact that I really didn’t want to write it. That barrier has returned more than once. I had a particular test when I went to a hen weekend in Liverpool. We had a packed schedule, and, despite my best intentions, I hadn’t set it up to send by itself. In fact, I hadn’t even written it.

So Sunday morning I was up with the birds, tapping away at my computer, hoping that the 3G signal would connect to my USB dongle. Such a relief to send it, such a painful process at times, thinking of what to say, making it relevant, trying to convey what I was thinking.

Yet sometimes my head is full of what to say and I have to remember not to write you pages and pages.

The commitment is the part which means I do it, whatever I feel like. There have been times when I haven't done anything for the whole day, but I must do my newsletter.

How do you develop that commitment muscle? It's the times I've started a newsletter before and NOT done it. When the pain of not completing, or not doing, what you really want to do becomes greater than the resistance we feel when we want to do something we love, that's when we develop our muscle.

The commitment is the part that says: People are expecting it.

The commitment is the joy that speaks to me when I send it out and my whole body applauds.

I did what I’m here to do.

What do you want to commit to?

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