I was born for this

That moment when I found a sunhat on at Accessorise in Gatwick Airport and knew that THIS was the hat that the person I wanted to be would wear. The delightful, fizzy little feeling I had when I put it on.

That moment I landed the most important point during my talk, to less than 10 people, most of whom I didn’t know. The thought that struck me then: I was born to do this. Glorious, delicious strength.

That moment I chose to say no. The fear, an excruciating, cringing moment and then relief.

That moment I put on a little blue dress and knew I was wearing it, rather than it wearing me. It served me. And that it showed up on my face.

That moment in the Trattoria, savouring a rich red wine after a satisfying meal, with all the time in the world. Knowing the world could run amok around me and I would be oblivious.

And yesterday, that moment, in the very early morning I opened the door to the balcony and took a deep breath into the cool fresh air. The peace of living in joy and your own sweet power.

Small miracles and big miracles…both are abundant in my life. Yet I had to start by being grateful for the abundance, love and success I already had, to allow more to flow in.

These moments I’ve shared are the little motivations that spurred me on, that helped me grow. These moments, often only a fleeting thought or a tiny action, these are what have brought me from ‘Will this make a difference?’ to 'This is real'. This is my life now, this is who I REALLY am. Things are changing, things are moving. It’s all happening.

These moments aren’t about money. They are about choosing to honour the whisper you hear inside of you, however challenging the road may look and however much courage is required, despite not knowing where it will come from and how it’s going to work.

I know, it sounds scary, I know it sounds like a tough road. It’s not without challenges but there is a sweetness and a gentleness to the pathway that will come to you when you trust. I’ve had many more of the moments I've written about.

They aren’t necessarily about massive decisions and about turns but about choosing at every fork, to gauge your life by what your heart wants.