Everything is energy

What conversations have you had recently that really fired you up, that gave you energy?
And can you think of a time when you feel ‘drained’? As though all the energy has gone away?

I used to think that these feelings were connected with tiredness, with how much sleep I had had, how much I was ‘doing’ at any one time or the type of food I was putting into my body.

Of course, these are all factors.

But becoming increasingly aware of my energy levels over the last 6 months, and pinpointing exactly what enhances and lifts me: what raises my energy levels and what negates my energy, has really shifted things for me.

I increasingly choose what my life looks like according to energy. The vibration. A sense or a feeling and it’s effect on how I feel.

If you’re ever creating - you know, really in flow - and you’re interrupted, you experience a change in energy. When the person who has been complaining for the whole day leaves the room, everyone else let’s out a little breath of relief. When you step into a house where there is piles of stuff, dirt and darkness, you might have felt that it’s a little uncomfortable just being there.

Boosting your energy levels

I could never understand how other people managed so much activity at the weekend: they went cycling, visited friends, climbed mountains. I just about managed to get out of bed and walk to the shop across the road. When I had the opportunity to visit other cities, meet up with friends or go away, my excuse to myself was often ‘I don’t feel like it’. I had the wrong energy balance, there was very little I was doing that I really loved: in my work, with my social life, through what I spent my time on.

When we take part in something we really love to do, we see ourselves buoyed up, lifted and encouraged. The more we take time to paint or surf or read, or whatever it is that gets us closer to our most loved selves, the more we are energised and the more we ‘feel like’ doing what we actually want to do.

Stuff has energy

Everything you own holds energy. When we look at something in our homes, we can be uplifted by it or it can make us feel ‘ugh’. Things remind us of people, of past times and experiences and they have a whole lot of emotions attached to them. Even if you're not doing anything with it, if you keep a book or a photo or a potato peeler which you don’t love or you don’t have a use for or is in no other way helping or serving you, it will have an effect. This is why we often find it easier to put things back in the box, rather than sort it all out to keep or throw away. It’s challenging dealing with the emotions attached to our stuff - it makes us feel safe.

When we declutter, we can experience a sense of relief, because we are clearing out the old and allowing ourselves some space for the new, without being hindered by the past. Space allows us to dance with possibility; we have cleared out everything that no longer ‘gives’ to us. If you want to read more about what I think about decluttering, take a look at my guest post for Creatives Hub here.

We are energetic people

We know when we find someone ‘difficult’ or when we leave a conversation uplifted and encouraged. People bring their energy - their feelings, their body language, their words and their ideas to a room, a situation or a relationship. We affect each other’s energy. Yet bringing a positive energy is not necessarily about being outgoing or chatty. The ones who say the least might be bringing the most. Noticing who in our lives radiates peace, kindness and a loving care, can help us choose who we spend our time with.

Your home gives u energy

I like order and space and cleanliness. I need privacy and quiet and a place to retreat on my own for a lot of the time. The places we stay and go and live in give us energy, because of our ‘stuff' and also the environment we create. When our bedrooms become a multi-functioning room: a gym, a workspace and our place to sleep, the energy can be confused. We see our exercise bikes and computers ‘glaring at us’ or our golf clubs ‘sulking’ in the corner, because we haven’t used them. Conversely, when we create spaces that support whatever we need and what we want, we find our energy flows so much better.

Everything is energy

When I started to consciously notice the energy of everything, everything changed for me.

When I saw my heart sink every time I looked at the kitchen sink full of dishes, when I thought about throwing away a gift someone had given me but I felt bad parting with, I realised that the gift wasn’t the thing, it was the emotion, and therefore the energy.

I make better decisions when I gauge the energy of a situation. I understand the world better when I see it through eyes of ‘energy’. I see myself blossoming, changing and growing; this is my energy.

What's one thing you've noticed the energy of today?