Two Questions

Image by Umberto Salvagnin. Used under a creative commons license

I've got a couple of nagging questions inside me. I think the answers are a bit bigger than I think I'm ready for. They're niggling at me.

These are my two questions:

What am I not letting myself do?

Who am I not letting myself be?

Marianne Williamson says: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."

We fear success, love, happiness and joy because we've heard a message that has told us we can't have those things; they are available to people, just people who are not like us.

We don't want to put ourselves out there because we fear we'll crumble and look stupid and we really don't want that.

Yet sometimes we have a bigger fear. That we WILL succeed. And this is a bigger fear because it calls us to grow. Become someone different. And we will have to leave things behind.

I believe that's true, we must let go of the old to allow in the new; to move forward. I've written 'the old', but this might be relationships, friends, clothes, houses, communities, job, beliefs and ways of being.

Or maybe even countries.

For new life to come through, we sweep away the dead leaves, we take a spade to turn up soil to allow what's beneath to grow, bud and then to blossom. We cannot leave the old there, it must be put away. To allow last winter's debris to remain is to take away from the beauty of spring.

But by leaving those things behind, whatever they are for us, even though we might feel as though we are vulnerable to it, we don't lose ourselves. When we release that which does not support the way we want to be, we place ourselves ready to bring on the next level.

What am I not letting myself do?
Who am I not letting myself be?

There's a few more variations to these questions:

What am I not starting?

How am I holding back?

What am I not letting go of?

Where am I not letting up on myself, even for a minute?

Why am I not allowing myself rest?

What is stopping me from switching my phone off, even for an hour?

What am I not committing to?

How am I stopping myself succeed?

Do my questions echo within you?