Remember your power

What is power?

A surging force that pushes its way through time and space.

A raging storm, wind whistling and rain hurtling itself against a window. Thunder growling through the district.

Angry, salty waves and wind, fighting for attention, their white tips foaming at the mouth as the sea’s great game with itself unfolds.

A tense muscle, uncurling itself from a sulky moment of discontented tightness into a final release.

Watching another: crying with laughter, the streaming tears of 4 days work eventually culminating: constant clicking, reviewing, reading, anxiously looking at the watch and finally submitting, and a huge smile, so big it’s stretching the creases at the side of your mouth.

An overeager flame on your stove leaping into the air, merely wiping a charcoal mess through anything on its path.

The weak vibration through your wrist as the tennis ball ricochets off the strings just for a second.

How often we forget

We know what power looks like, and yet we forget that is within us.

The kind that quietly says 'No'.

The one that takes the next step because the trust levels inch up, that despite the debris and chaos around, is instinctively learning to 'feel' the path.

The power is in the hesitant voice, asking for 10 minutes.

Or bringing up a subject that has been suspended from the bedroom ceiling since Christmas.

Or making the video.

Or picking up the much stared at onion and placing it on the chopping board. And beginning. Chop. Chop. Chop.

Opening the notebook. Picking up the pen.

Opening your mouth, letting the words come out. Speaking the truth.

We forget our power.

The working pattern we long for, dream of, and have put off thinking about, because we feel trapped, stuck, too poor, too weak, too stupid. The type of relationship we imagine we’d love but don’t consider ourselves worthy of.

Trapped, stuck, poor, weak, stupid and unworthy are not words of power.

Our power is in our choices: the choice to compose the email or to let it languish a little longer in your head, the choice to go for it or decide to stay away. Changing your mind. Heeding your heart again.

We are at our most powerful when we choose from a place which consciously acknowledges the desires of our hearts. You'll know it because when you choose it, you'll feel it in your body.

I'm about to leap into the exhilaration of the unknown because I used my power. I asked for what I wanted and I felt that rush of energy. I looked at my fear and made a choice to walk through it.

You feel like you can conquer the world on the other side: that's power.

How do I create that wonderful feeling that 'I'm powerful'?

Firstly, I acknowledge to myself what I actually want. I put pen to paper or speak it to an empty room.

I ask myself how I'd feel if I don’t do this, have this or be this dream? I weigh up those decisions. Count it out.

Then I work backwards from perfection. What would it take to get there. Not 'How am I going to do this?' but what needs to happen?

This works with anything. Deciding how to craft a meal or a lifestyle. What you want in a dress or the study decor. What you want in a man or a job. Or a puppy.

Work backwards from that scene of perfection. The one where you have it all and what you need to do, learn and say. When you’ve worked it back to now, then you work out what the next step is.

The power surge comes when you take the step and shift yourself the hell forward.

The opposite is playing safe. Keeping yourself small. Putting it off.

What will you choose?