How to know you're ready for transformation

If we want to achieve what we deep down really dream of, we must transform. The ‘us’ in the wonderful vision we have for our lives, with passionate, practical, heart-driven businesses, living in beautiful places is a stronger, more focused version of our current selves.  

We are people with strength and depth and courage that we don't know we have and it’s through changing, moving, acting that it emerges from us.

We feel free, and light and flowing with a purpose.

We are deeply fulfilled and satisfied and with a sense of ‘knowing’ that it’s working right.

It comes only from the journey.

And to start the journey we have to want the life we dream of.

We have to really want it. Ache for it.

Do you want it?

When the pain of being where we are becomes greater than the fear of moving forward, this is when we ask ourselves how much we want it.

And the vision we see, it has to be the biggest, best, most powerful, exciting, ‘jump up and down’ type vision, because otherwise it’s not worth changing for.

Dream of something worth changing for.

Don’t settle for something less.

Dream your biggest, best, most abundant, juicy, powerful, astonishing vision.

Being ready to transform

How do we know we’re ready to transform?

We’re ready to transform when our vision gives us a gleam in our eye and puts an unstoppable smile on our face. We’re walking rather than wandering. We’re beginning to block out everything else.

We’re ready to commit to change

With time, money and heart space. Not all at once. We start with small steps. This means choices. Saying yes to carving out time for ourselves and no to the activities we’ve done every day, week or month for the last year without even thinking about them. That don't serve us.

Even if we're at the stage where we’re not actually making the choice we want to, but we know the choice we wished we made, we're ready.

We begin to give ourselves what we want

A break. A massage. A visit to the country we want to call home. Putting the activities of our dream lives into our now lives. We give ourselves permission to reveal deep parts of ourselves that were once hidden.

Or we are at the stage where we are thinking about it and ask ourselves: Do we dare?

We listen to ourselves more

We know that it’s got to be something different now. We’re not going to settle for a new job, or joining a weekly cookery course. No, something bigger has to happen. Our friends are all annoyed because we’ve stopped taking their well-meaning advice to switch roles or change industries or get a cat.

Even if we’ve not said it to anyone else yet, we’ve told ourselves what we want to do, and we are listening.
We’re open to trying new things.

We are exploring new blogs on the web and we are reading sites about change with a hunger that's not been there before.

We're ready to transform to the next level.

And the next step is so big and fearful and is therefore is the one thing you could most consider doing.

Will you? Will I?

And what happens if you’re not ready?

What will you say to yourself in a year’s time?

What DO you say to the 'you' who doesn’t choose to do something today?

What do you say to the 'you' that DOES choose?

Be kind to yourself. The only power we have is now - yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not yet available.

What will you do now?

Get ready to transform, my lovelies.