10 questions

10 questions to ask yourself when you're feeling confused, overwhelmed or just plain stuck

1. What’s the most radical act of self-love I can give myself right now?

Do I need to rest? What does taking care of myself look like right now?

2. What do I most fear to do in this moment?

Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy said: "Fear is excitement without the breath.” If we're scared of it, it usually means it's really important to us and it's probably the step we need to take next.

3. Have I told myself that I love and accept myself where I am right now?

And do I mean it and own it?

4. Do I feel good right now? If not, what can I change?

Sometimes this has meant move house (or country!). Sometimes all I need is a bath.

5. Have I spent time in meditation today?

Connecting with my Self, letting my thoughts go; basically getting out of my own way and out of my head is my most important practice. Not to mention that it’s a lovely way to relax.

6. Am I hiding myself or staying small?

Do I need to push myself to get to the next level? Where am I staying in my comfort zone?

7. What do I need to stop doing to bring my energy levels back?

Am I participating in something because 'I’ve always done it’ or ‘I feel I should’? Is this draining my energy? Where do I need to stop doing things?

Or do I need to 'drop the worry'? My worrying about something does not change the outcome so I'm using energy on something I don't need to. And yes, I can just drop it, right now.

8. What can I do in my space to unblock myself?

Is there a pile of stuff that’s annoying me in a corner? What will it take me for me to feel lighter and more spacious?

9. Where am I not being totally honest with myself?

Always an illuminating moment for me!

Danielle LaPorte sends out daily bites of goodness called Truthbombs. This one arrived in my inbox about 12 months ago - and has stuck with me ever since:

10. What do I secretly want to happen?

When we get clear, forward motion is simpler.

What questions do you ask yourself when you’re overwhelmed, confused or just plain stuck?