What to do when you have too many options

I took a gap year after University and spent 6 months in Canada, where I temped for the securities division in a major bank.

I asked one of the investment advisers whom I'd got to know for some career advice. 

He said to me: "Claire I think you could do anything." 

Which was enormously gratifying and SO encouraging but didn't help me in limiting the array of options which I knew I had.

I'd was top student and had lots of skills and abilities so it felt as though I could pursue a number of career paths.

But I didn't know which one was best to take. If I started down one track, what would happen if I decided that something else was better? 

Today's video is for you if you feel totally overwhelmed by too many plausible options but aren't taking action because you're not sure which is the 'right one'.

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