They told us there was no such word

And we thought that was just supposed to be a pep talk. 

But we CAN. Do anything. 

Hang on.

I can’t actually fix a car (trust me, you wouldn’t want me near it).

I don’t have the skills. I don’t know HOW. 

No, perhaps not. But what I’m actually saying when I say 'I can't' is ‘I don’t want to’. I’m not willing to do what it takes to fix the car for myself.

I CAN. I’m just not willing to

The point is, we always choose.

Ok, ok, backtrack a bit Claire. 

"I CAN make my dreams happen, but the problem is, see, I don’t have the money." 

What money do you need? How much? 

Are we sure we’re not saying "I CAN make a million pounds but I’m not willing?"

The real question is: Am I willing to do what it takes to make a million pounds?

Am I willing to learn the skills I need, grow, put myself in positions where I face my fear, walk the line of ‘I have no idea if this will work’? Am I willing to believe in myself and be persistent, to try and adjust, try and adjust? 

The answer is Yes or No. 

If you have a dream, make it your biggest one. Because we have to be willing to do what it takes. If it’s not exciting enough, we won’t be willing (for good reason).

It’s got to be your biggest dream.

It’s got to be AWESOME. 

So why do we say we can't?

It covers up the truth. That we don't want to do something or we're not willing. We try and protect people from feeling hurt. Although we have the best intentions at heart, I believe we are actually doing them a disservice by withholding that which is deepest within us. We are communicating just on a surface level. 

It's that or feeling fear. We can't get on with the lives we were born to lead because it requires us to step up to become people we fear being. People who are successful, perhaps who are enjoying life. People maybe that we aren't used to being. 

Let's be kind to ourselves

When we feel as though something is impossible or too much for us right now, using ‘I could’ can soften things. ‘I could’ gives us a more option-focused approach (and there are always LOTS of options available to us).

'I could' takes the pressure off. We step out when it is time to. We know when we're ready. 

What CAN you do? What COULD you do? What are you WILLING to do? 

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