Postpone your chores, not your creativity

I hopped on the train to Florence yesterday to meet a new friend and fellow business owner, Nicole. We enjoyed a delicious lunch, followed by a little tub of sweet gelato sitting on the steps of the Uffizi gallery, bathing in the warm sunshine. We wandered round the city, stopping here and there to inspect this and that, relishing the classical architecture and hum of Italian voices around us. I realised how much my soul had craved this kind of love. The inspiration love. The artistic love. The enjoyment love. 

And how we often get it backwards. 

In dealing with the logistics of moving, settling in to a new city, working out practical matters and setting up my routine, I'd forgotten that I must give myself the joyfulness of unstructured play FIRST. 

Not AFTER everything else. 

How often do you postpone everything ‘fun’ until after your jobs are done?

Whilst order and proper functioning is important, our day to day ‘tasks’ can overwhelm our play time. We can get caught up in doing, perfecting, 'getting everything done'. 

And in the spirit of wanting everything to be ‘perfect', we carry on, beavering away, ‘just’ doing this and ‘just’ finishing that. 

“When the house is clean, I’ll sit down to write."
“When I’ve done all the work I need to do, then I’ll go out and enjoy myself"


You see, we have life juice, creativity within us. (Yes, all of us). Unless we feed it, it fades, often without us even noticing.

I worried that I wouldn’t have time to do all the things I needed to do by the end of the weekend if I spent the whole day in Florence. Wouldn’t I be even more tired? Would it all be a rush to get everything finished in just one day instead of two? 


I soaked up an enthusiasm in Florence that is working its way through me. A new energy, already propelling me forward into next week. Connecting to my inspiration has unearthed my inner strength again. 

I’m even feeling as though it will be easy getting my chores will be done today. 

That’s what the love does. 

It’s one of the mysteries of life, that we must connect with the love FIRST.

We must enjoy the view before we lift the paintbrush. 

What is that love of yours that’s being postponed by chores?