5 books that changed my life

Reading is up there on my list of favourite activities...particularly reading in the sunshine or curled up on a huge squishy sofa for an afternoon of solitude. 

Through the last few years I've been supported through the wisdom and encouragement of those who have gone before and learnt how to step out and commit to my own journey. 

It's a challenge to choose just 5, but I've shared below a list of the books that have most transformed my life. I still dip into most of them regularly. Their pages (or electronic words!) are like friends now, comforting and familiar. 

Screw Work Let’s Play - John Williams

I participated in one of John Williams’s courses when I was early in my career change, and soon afterwards he brought out this book. It’s a practical step by step approach to finding out and transitioning to doing work you love with exercises and interesting examples of how others have made it happen. A good read to help you change your mindset about work and specific advice on how to make money through ‘playing’ rather than ‘working’.

This Time I dance - Tama Kieves

I am not likely to travel anywhere without this book near me. It stirred the callings of my heart when I felt as though I was crazy for thinking I could have more, be more, do more, feel more and actually dance through life rather than grind through on a sort of monotonous goods train. And I come back to it time and time again, it is self-love through a process of walking the path in the truest sense of the word. I cannot recommend this enough, there are layers to it which you will miss even on the 15th reading. 

The Portable coach - Thomas Leonard.

The first chapter of this book held me in such disbelief that I laughed out loud and threw the book on the bed. It seemed ridiculous (and absurdly American). And yet, it has stood the test of time on my bookshelf and I’ve come to realise what I once thought was crazy has now contributed to where I am now. The so-called founder of the coaching world, Leonard offers sometimes seemingly contradictory advice about the principles of ‘attracting’ the kind of life you want, through awareness and change.   Leonard’s explanations about simultaneously holding vision in one hand, yet living in the present and the chapters on ‘extreme self-care’ were the words that got my attention and now I teach it!

You can heal your life - Louise Hay

Having grown up in the conservative evangelical church tradition, my eyes popped out of my head the first time I read this. My old self told me it was blasphemy, but a part of me was hopping up and down with excitement because it felt like I finally understood life. If you’re interested in the mind-body connection and how much our emotions can contribute to what shows up in our lives, start with the legendary Louise Hay and enjoy.

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

It’s not a 'light’ read, but this book transformed my meditation practice, my understanding of the mind/body connection and how you can bring yourself back to the present moment at any time. 

Through answers to questions from his students over his years of teaching meditation and mindfulness, Tolle explains the concepts of being versus doing, the collective consciousness and how to improve your relationships with other people. When I read this, I had not long started my meditation practice and the clarity and insight this book gave me in understanding how to continue and develop my practice was second to none.

What books have changed your life? What made them so powerful?