How does your heart whisper?

It’s about what your heart is saying to you.

Whispering, maybe. Faintly, maybe.

In a cupboard under the stairs, locked away, hidden, bruised, hurting, in pain, longing.

Whatever state it’s in.

Where your heart lies, there your treasure is.

(Yep, I inverted it).

Your treasure. 

What you long to give.

You have in-built treasure. It’s there at your birth. A treasure that no one else has. Your unique combination of talents and ways of being. Maybe it’s silliness. An ability to make people scream with laughter at ridiculous things. A way to hold space for someone. The kind of ‘knowing when someone needs a hug’. No, it’s not a job. It’s a gift. It’s your treasure. 

Your heart knows the way. Your soul knows it’s call.

And if you’re sick, defeated, crying, in a wasteland, craving something different, a new high, a deeper connection, a different way to be.

Then listen to your heart.

What is it saying?

You don’t know?

What do you think it’s saying?

Only you know. Only you can answer it. No one else can tell you, guess, help you figure it out, make it all happen for you. 

You know.

I honour you for reading this. I honour you because you have strength. So much love and strength within you. So much greatness.

I cried last Thursday night. Mostly I cried with Cher in the background singing ‘Love can build a bridge’. Something within me prompted put it on and the tears, well, they came. 

I cried tears of sadness for a friendship that used to be so precious to me but has been strained for many years. We have both strayed from real connection with each other. We are afraid.  

I cried for relationships that are difficult and people who are ill - ill from the pain of trying to be someone they’re not. We need understanding and compassion. And gentleness.

I cried for the dreams that are inside of people and with seemingly no way out. I cried for the people who die not having done anything about it.

(Yes, I cried quite a lot). 

It is my treasure to communicate how important it is, however I can. 

Listen to your heart.

Listen to your heart. 

What's its call?