How to create your own 'luck'

You know those people who ALWAYS seem to get lucky? 

The people who just have opportunities 'come' to them.

I used to be really JEALOUS of them. 

I used to WISH I could be like them and have stuff drop in my lap. 

So if you're feeling you know EXACTLY what I mean and maybe are even getting a little bit gnarly right now - I used to be with you.


And now? 

Now I'm with them. Because I know how they create luck.


Well, it's actually a SCIENCE. A law. 

And for those of you who like to be a bit 'woo woo' it also feels very miraculous, angelic and all things spiritual, but you can stick with law if you want. 

Creating your own luck is, I believe, three things:

1) the Law of Attraction (I'll explain about this in a mo)

2) Preparation /Readiness

3) Effort (sometimes just a teeny tiny effort)

(There's also an ability to see things in a different way, although I'll put that one under readiness for now.)

So 1) The Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction is a law (which works in combination with other laws so not always linear) that is very simply - like attracts like. What you put energy, focus and intention into, grows. So when we put our attention on good stuff, it increases. We get into the energy of the good stuff, and it attracts more. 

We must first identify what we WANT and be able to picture the outcome in our heads. Then we must FEEL how great it's going to be when we actually get the thing in our hands. 

Now, we often make mistakes here. We think we are focusing on what we want, but we are actually focusing on what we DON'T want - we don't have enough time or money, or there is something 'missing'. In actual fact, we must simply lean back and watch for opportunities (and take action - see below)

2) Readiness and preparation

Being READY is about being able to SEE or feel opportunities that are ALWAYS there. Yes, they are ALWAYS there, but we have to engage our creativity and intuition. We have to see the possibility in using the stuff in front of us to start living it now. 

Readiness is also created by CLEARING SPACE. When I moved house, I had a great big pile of notes that I needed to sort through. And for 3 days I had a pile of boxes that I hadn't touched. And suddenly it was as if the floodgates had opened on my social life - I got a load of messages, invitations and inspiration for the next move for my business. 

3) Effort

This is my favourite part. You see, we might think we need to 'DO' everything to 'make everything happen' in our lives. We look at the HUGE to do list to get us from here to there and gasp with overwhelm. But when we utilise the Law of Attraction, we ONLY NEED take the baby steps to begin working with the law. 

My favourite example (read - you might have heard this one before!) is when I was in Pisa last year.

I knew I wanted to stay in Italy, but I couldn't see how it was going to work. I kept asking myself - what do I desire: Italy or England?

At that time it was Italy - going back to Vicenza, where I'd lived before. Yet I COULD NOT figure out what to do.

I took all the actions I could think of:

1) I thought of using the equivalent of Spareroom (the flat sharing website) in Italy. However. I could hardly understand the adverts, let alone negotiate a place to live. The whole process didn't feel very smart and I couldn't find anything I wanted anyway....

2) I emailed the contact I'd had at the British School there and they were happy to help. However, even after a few times chasing, I wasn't getting very far (and the guy's partner was having a baby so didn't exactly want to bug him!) as they didn't have anywhere suitable...

3) I messaged a Facebook friend who lived in London but was from Vicenza (a mutual friend had put us in touch) but she didn't know anyone who had a room going....


I was stumped, and had less than a week to go before my current tenancy ran out. And nope, I didn't even have a plane booked back to England at this point. 

I wanted a miracle....

And I got one. 

A random little thought had popped into my head. There was a guy I'd known when I was last in Vicenza. We'd met just before I'd returned to England and had hit it off, but I wasn't sure if he was my type and so was hanging back from getting in contact. Then when I'd first thought about moving back to Vicenza, I'd asked about a room and he told me he would ask his friends, but it had been about a month and I hadn't heard anything. 

Something told me just to ask him again.

Within about TEN MINUTES he'd replied, saying that he knew someone with a place available. 


And 4 days later I was living in a beautiful apartment, with a view of the mountains, my own balcony and a gorgeous living space. 

Focusing on what we WANT, and taking the littlest bit of effort (inspired action) can produce huge miracles (or even small ones!) sometimes in a VERY short space of time. 

Three tips for harnessing the Law of Attraction:

- Don't cling onto specifics. Specific places, jobs, contracts, people (men/women you fancy)

I realised I had been doing this when I manifested my most current house. I had written a list of everything I wanted and stuck it on my wall (and forgot about it). Coming back to it later, I saw that one of the bullet points in my list was a specific neighbourhood. It felt wrong - I realised I wasn't being open to a new neighbourhood. Within weeks of crossing it off the list, I had found my new apartment. 

- Focus on what you WANT. Not what you DON'T want. 

SO SO easy to miss this one. When you're looking ahead to what you want, and feeling where you are now, we tend to focus on the gap - what's missing, what you don't have or what you'll 'need' to get there (often time or money!).

Instead, by focusing on the end result, we put ourselves in the energy of what we want. Rather than focus on your bank account which hasn't got 'enough' for the new car, imagine yourself driving it, and take your next steps in preparation (clear out the garage), buy a new hanging scent or some dice for the rear view mirror)

- Follow the little nuggets of intuition and inspired thought. 

What's tugging at your heart at this moment? What interests you? 

I went to a business show and was drawn to one of the stands which had nothing to do with coaching or speaking and was definitely not going to get me a client, which was partly why I was there. Yet, I had a conversation and a few weeks later I had a freelance writing gig and another income stream. Your soul knows!

How would you like to utilise the Law of Attraction, get ready and take some action to create some 'luck' in your life? 

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