Does celebration feel like a long way off?

In the last few weeks, I've felt a momentous TIDE of change.

I've moved in to a new home, a beautiful apartment here in Devon. This has been a huge lesson in trust for me - receiving my desires manifested physically and I'm so excited to support myself in a gorgeous new environment with more space and new energy.

I've spent a refreshing few days at my 'other' home in Vicenza, Italy, feeling into what my relationship with Italy looks in the future, reconnecting with my friends, letting myself speak the language more easily than I had done before and enjoying some yummy coffee and going on a midnight hunt for an gelateria that was still open....

Change can bring uncertainty and provoke our fears all over again.

It can be challenging to navigate the waters....for me it was staying calm and in my being amongst the packing, unpacking, speaking, deciding and organising so I didn't drop the ball.

I know that there's moments on the journey when you get frustrated. Not sure. Lost. Disappointed. Confused.

I've had lots. (Ha!)

And so NOW is the time to celebrate your milestones.

Your AWESOME moments. 

Even if you feel like you haven't got much to celebrate. Think back to where you were last year, last month or even last week. 

You KNOW you were different. You KNOW what you've learnt and discovered.

I'd love to share a few of my milestones over the last few years:
  • The moment I realised not everyone hated their job, that it was POSSIBLE to LOVE your work
  • The realisation that coaching was an actual job!
  • The moment when my first coach gave me a priceless gift, saying something I'd never thought I'd hear anyone say - that I didn't have to do things like everyone else
  • getting my first client accidentally
  • becoming self-employed
  • being able to connect dots in my life, my love of Italy and realising I'd moved into a place with two Italian translators (English people who both spoke fluent Italian. Yes, I admit, I didn't take full advantage of this fact at the time, but it sure kept Italy as Favourite Country after England)
  • realising I could DESIGN my life...I didn't have to fit it in with anyone's ideas or even my own limiting beliefs
  • receiving my first coaching testimonial and realising I had made SUCH a difference to my client
  • speaking my dream out loud
  • having a conversation with my boss
  • that feeling when the company I worked for were willing to create a part time position for me, despite there not being one for me to move into
  • communicating how I felt to a boy I liked (yeh, that wasn't a fairytale ending, but even so an immensely powerful conversation)
  • buying the first plane ticket to Italy
  • Sitting in the airport, like a 'real' traveller
  • helping clients see things a whole new way
  • discovering the work of Louise Hay (it totally blew my mind)
  • the evening I finished relaunching my website and met one of my BEST friends in Italy
  • realising that I'd desired to live a life where I eat organic fruit and veg, and finding myself in a family where they grow their own Italy
  • after dreading that my non-dairy choices were going to be DIFFICULT in Italy, finding delicious gelato (some made without milk and some with rice milk) and sheep's cheese galore. 
  • realising I wasn't the only one who believed that the mind and body were connected (despite my HUGE fear that I would be outcast for thinking such a thing)
  • seeing more and more of my dream life become REAL life...

.....and I'm only up to the autumn of 2014!

So celebrate with me, the path that you've ALREADY trodden.

Even though it might not feel like you've 'arrived' where you want to yet. 

Look at what you've already achieved, be it in a new discovery or understanding, a shift in perception, or an experiment that did or didn't work out. 

Even if right now it feels like the middle of failure, just knowing that where you are is NOT yet right for you, acknowledging THAT fact can be so freeing. 

What are you celebrating this week? 

What have you learnt? How have you grown? What do you know or believe about yourself that you never thought possible? 

In celebration of who we are and how we're growing!