How I increase my joy and my income and make my life more beautiful....

Last week, I talked about the importance of a mindset practice to create new beliefs and ingrain them into your being, so you can create a whole new life for yourself. (If you missed it, it's here)

What do I mean - "ingrain into your being"?

When you start this practice, it feels stupid. It feels like lies. You're saying to yourself stuff that you've been experiencing the complete opposite of - maybe for YEARS. 


So now you have to UN-ingrain it (technical term 😂 )by replacing it with NEW STUFF.

Just like when you're trying to change a food habit - it's easier to add the good stuff gradually, rather than do a straight swap from 'bad' to 'good'. 

Here - we're adding the new beliefs. 

I have a DAILY new beliefs mindset practice. When I sit down at my desk in the morning, I take out a notebook, which has 4 A4 pages of new beliefs written in the back. I read each one out loud to myself, with as much feeling as I can.

Sometimes it's just reading. Sometimes, it's reading with gusto. 

I also visualise what I want (the outcome) by imagining the pictures in my mind of what it looks like when everything is perfect. 

That's IT. It doesn't have to take hours, or involve something complicated. 

I decided to share my practice with you because I want you to know what it looks like for me.

1) It doesn't take much. It does take consistency. 

2) It requires CHOICE. And some effort. If you call picking up a notebook, opening it and reading out loud for 4 minutes effort that is. It's not HARD. But you do have to keeping choosing (which can feel hard if we are resisting it).

3) I'm still working on this stuff! Unravelling years of beliefs about one thing and changing them to the opposite is not like a magic switch you suddenly 'get' one day. (That 'getting' is that moment when you cross the line of 'I think this shit actually works' from a growing suspicion that it does).

4) I still have days when I forget (and 4 months when I didn't even look at my notebook because I didn't have much faith in it working. 


Here's my top tip.

Approach this process with CURIOSITY.

At the beginning, you might not see much change in your life. (and remember, it's not just about beliefs it's about thoughts as well so these need to be in alignment).

But if you see something that COULD have been a result of your belief change, CELEBRATE!

Focus all your attention and excitement on the little things that seem to be changing. It might get worse before it gets better, but it WILL change. 

So I want you to take the next step.

 Get out your notebook and write out your new beliefs.

What will they be?

I have all the time in the world?
I have plenty of time to sleep?
I have thousands of pounds in my bank account?
I am wealthy?
I am excited about life?
I know exactly the next step? 

Make them POSITIVE ('I am', not 'I'm not'), INSPIRING and in the PRESENT TENSE.

I'd love to hear what new beliefs you have created and developed for yourself. Share them below!