You've probably heard you have to do this....

You've probably heard you have to do this to create the life that you want:

Have the right mindset
Undo the limiting beliefs
Believe that you can do it

It's all very well saying this - it's true by the way - our beliefs DO shape our reality, because we act on them, give off a 'vibe' based on what we believe and talk about what is true for us (all this putting into play the Law of Attraction as I mentioned last week - if you missed it, it's here)


I had VERY ingrained beliefs. Beliefs about money, about what I was worth, what I could do, how life worked and what kind of life I was able to live. 

These beliefs shaped how I lived my life. I didn't believe I was worthy of having a beautiful life, so even when I was progressing, it would be one step forward and then I would sabotage myself or beat myself back to unworthiness.  

Here's a few of my old beliefs:

- It's really hard to make money
- Rich people are greedy
- Money is the root of all evil
- It takes ages to change anything
- Everything is against me
- Everything is really hard
- I'm wrong
- No one wants to go out with me
- I'm rubbish

Recognise any of these?

Sometimes, they might not have made it into your consciousness, meaning, you're SO used to them being part of your existence, you haven't even identified that you're thinking them. 

For me, these beliefs were SO ingrained because people I surrounded myself with, the things I read and watched, the ideas I'd had previously and influences when I was growing up were repeating over and over and I BELIEVED THEM because I saw them over and over (see the cycle here?)

To break the cycle, I had to learn a whole new set of beliefs that looked something like this:

- It's easy to make money
- Rich people are wonderful
- Money is a wonderful tool
- Change is easy
- Everything is FOR me
- Everything is easy
- It's ok to be happy and free
- Lots of people want to go out with me
- I'm brilliant

Now, if you have the same beliefs I used to, you're probably thinking - Claire, that's just NOT true. I KNOW it's not true, I can prove it, and I can think of a hundred examples besides.

And if you don't have the same beliefs, then you're probably reading this thinking, of course that one's true - DUH!

It depends on what your beliefs are. 

And, to quote one of my favourite authors, Louise Hay, it is JUST a belief, and a belief can be changed. 

OUR BELIEFS SHAPE OUR THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTIONS....and therefore our life experience. 

So if you want a new life experiene - more money, love, time and pleasure anyone - you HAVE to change your beliefs. 

I know it sounds simplistic. I know it sounds too easy - you just have to change your beliefs right? 

Well, yes. But for those of us who are very 'in' our beliefs - we're invested in wanting them to be 'right' for example, it can appear SO HARD (and even malicious).

Here's the thing.


Like any habit, you have to continuously, consciously CHOOSE to put it into practice. You have to keep at it even when you forget it for a week or can't be bothered. 

And so most people don't want to do this and so give up before they get started. Nothing happens. 

And lots of people (myself included) don't see immediate change and get discouraged. They see things stay the same (or get worse) and convince themselves it doesn't work. 

I've experienced it to be true. 

That's not to say I have all my new beliefs down! It's a PRACTICE. 

I have a DAILY mindset practice to help me change my beliefs, and I've experienced JUST HOW POWERFUL it can be. 

A few examples of how my mindset practices (coupled with action!) have changed my life:

- My chronic hip pain is healing and releasing.
- My 15 year skin problem has reduced significantly
- My bank balance is healthy and growing
- I have a beautiful place to live
- I have lovely clients, who I love to work with

In my next post I'm going to share MY OWN DAILY PRACTICE for changing my beliefs so look out for that one in your inbox to give you some ideas about how to create your own mindset practice so you can feel AMAZING about your life again. 

Keep an eye on your inbox over the next few days...