What's your default - doing or being?

We live in a society which values masculine energy. Masculine and feminine energies are not about whether you're a man or a woman. We could equally give them colour names - yellow and blue perhaps. 

Masculine energy is logic, goals, analysis, pushing through. Go Go GO. Do Do do. It’s a giving energy. 

Feminine energy on the other hand is free-flowing, sensual, creative and experiential. It’s BEING. It’s a receiving energy. 

You know when someone says ‘It’s not what you do, it’s who you are?'

That’s BEING. And it’s a feminine energy trait. 

We need BOTH masculine and feminine energies. When we have both in alignment with ourselves, we create balance, a dance.  It’s not about gender. A colleague shared with me that she understands it as men work more comfortably being predominantly in the masculine and women in the feminine, but we both need to know our capabilities and practiceBOTH energies. 

Once I began to see the different energies (you could think of them as approaches) I learned how I could lean into one or the other at any one time and bring out a fuller self-expression. 

And complete self-expression is beautiful. 

I’ve always been great a pushing through and getting things done. Particularly in a work environment. Give me a deadline, I will push through. 

What I was missing was standing in my BEING. 

I had forgotten the process of receiving and leaning back and allowing goodness to flow TO me. 

When I let go a little and began to allow this to happen, it was AMAZING what happened.

I didn’t have to persuade people to do stuff for me. They just did it without asking. What I needed suddenly showed up. 

This showed up in numerous ways. A client. A date. A new friend. An extension on a deadline. Free wifi. Someone giving me a present or getting a surprise piece of cake. My housemate started cleaning up after himself more (yep, I KNOW!)

When my BEING shifted, I began to attract more of what I wanted. 

I FELT better, and life began to get a lot less stressful. I began to see my own personal growth rocket. 

Many of us are very used to living in a predominantly masculine energy. We know how to power through to do lists, we can be constantly busy DOING stuff, but our bodies feel out of alignment, we are missing authentic connection and we forget to trust the process. 

If being in the feminine energy is alien to you, here's 5 ways to introduce this energy:

1. Turn down the lights. 

At a certain point in my day, I switch the lighting systems. Off go the overhead lights and on come the lamps. Creating a softer lighting helps me move into the soft, gentle, nurturing energy of the feminine.

How could you switch up the lighting in your office or bedroom to help you get into the feminine?

2. Get creative. 

Pick up a pencil and some blank paper and draw. Cook yourself a meal. Write a short story. Brainstorm some ideas. 

What gets your creative juices flowing? 

3. Reconnect with your feelings

Expressing your true feelings about something is releasing, can be a HUGE aid in creating powerful communication. We are sometimes taught that it's 'wrong' to express anger or desire or admit that we feel ashamed. How you feel about something is valuable yet we can be quick to dismiss how we feel with what we ‘think'.

What do you need to express today? 

4. Make it sensual

This isn't (necessarily) about sex. Revel in textures and colours. Feeling the experience of where you are - using all your senses…really tasting that chocolate, appreciating the softness of a cashmere jumper, breathing in the fresh warm air and scent of summer. Bringing presence and allowing yourself to really experience whatever activity you're doing helps us get present and grounded to ourselves.  

Which senses could you exercises a little today?

5. Get into your body.  

Pulling energy down from your head into your body allows us to get in touch with how we REALLY feel about something. It helps centre ourselves and calms us. Feeling into some experience or idea can bring the energy into the truth for you, instead of having lots of arguments whizzing round in your head. We women find this easier than guys and it can take a little practice, but it's the basis of many meditations and a powerful way to bring yourself back into your being. 

Take a look at the video I made here.

Do you find it easy to move into the feminine energy? 

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