Need more consistent inspiration and encouragement?

I've been having so much fun meeting some of you IN PERSON - firstly at the Escape the Rat Race meetup a couple of weeks ago and for my workshop on Saturday. 

After my talk, one of the audience members shared that after hearing a story of someone else's journey or going to an event like the meetup, she felt really inspired. But then the feeling of inspiration faded and she would get stuck again. 

She wanted to know how to create the consistency of feeling energised and excited.

I TOTALLY understood how she felt...and add in being in a foreign country as well - let's just say, I've been there.  

The answer is to get supported. 

And, in fact, develop the practice of supporting yourself. 

If you're not a pro at supporting yourself (I really wasn't!) getting support from others is a MUST. 

When I began delving into personal development and self-discovery, one of my favourite authors was Barbara Sher. I had so many interests and options, and I didn't know which one to choose. Sher's books and videos helped my early understanding of what resistance looked like, how people with multiple interests could create lives which reflected their many loves and how to organise your existence when you liked 101 different things. 

She also talked about having a 'Success Team' - people around you who supported you and cheered you on. One of her tips is to form a 'barn-raising' group, willing friends and family who were willing to get creative with you around your project or goal.

It all sounded amazing but I couldn't think of ANYONE in my family and friends who seemed to be interested in that kind of thing.

I had lots of friends who LIKED their jobs, or who were just heading down different paths, and didn't seem to be that bothered (or didn't have time).

I had no idea how to get to know people who were doing all the amazing things I wanted to do. 

I often used to get stuck in my own head and not move forward. For DAYS, even weeks. 

What does this have to do with inspiration? 

Well, you see, when you interact with people with the same values, goals, ambitions and loves as you, you CREATE inspiring situations.

You can be energised or encouraged by what other people are doing. You can understand each others' struggles or challenges. And you can help each other see past whatever obstacle you're facing and get going again. 

Now that's inspiring! 

So here's EIGHT ways to get supported, how to create a life where you have consistency of support you can draw on to help you achieve your goals and step into the life you desure. 

They are all different and hold varying degrees of intimacy and provided several different levels of support. There's one for you, WHATEVER stage of the journey you're at, so read on for more. 

1) Find a meetup group or go along to a networking event. 

In the week before I started my new job in London I went to a networking event called Drinks and Links because it said it was for all sorts of people including those who are 'new in town'. "That's me!" I thought.

And when the founder went overseas, he asked me to start running it with Charlie, who went on to be an early coaching client of mine and  a great friend. I met a LOT of people there, many of whom I have not ever been in touch with of course, but also GREAT friends and colleagues, including eventually the accountability group that supported me during my transition from the 9-5 (Londoners, check out Creatives Hub here)

2) Reconnect with old friends or acquaintances

When you want to move into a new way of being, finding like-minded people to chat with and expand that network, it's worth checking in with people you ALREADY KNOW. Especially those you have lost touch with or haven't heard from in a while. Former colleagues, classmates or university friends are a great place to start. 

3) Join some Facebook groups.

If you're not already in my facebook group, Career-Change Superstars, here's the link. Posting in groups can be a quick and useful way to getting your questions answered around a specific industry or skill and meet like-minded people or leaders who can give advice and guidance. I'm in groups focused on coaching, speaking, entrepreneurship, Italy, spirituality and more. Some of them I've been granted access to because I've worked with a particular mentor, some of them I've found by searching and requesting membership or been signposted by someone else. One of my most valuable is Inner Glow Circle (see below).

4) Follow your interests

Love knitting but most stick to sitting on the sofa with only the cat for company? Finding friends who have the same hobbies and meeting up can be a great way to get supported, increase your network and help you create accountability for your goals and projects. If there's not one, could you start one? 

[By the way, this doesn't mean you're ditching your old friends (I found some of my friendships have changed over the years, I've let go of some relationships and gained LOTS of new acquaintances and friends) but it allows you to move into new communities and get to know people who are passionate about the things YOU'RE passionate about.]

5) Paid membership to a group.

There are LOTS of paid networking groups and clubs obviously, but this step can help provide consistent support and encouragement for you and a way to access a different level or set up than a free group. 

I joined Inner Glow Circle (IGC) when I first started working with my current coach. I was hugely sceptical and unsure about being in an online community in addition to those I already had, which was in the US (especially one which required an investment). IGC is a digital sisterhood and one I count as my nearest colleagues and sisters in my own journey. I've been so inspired and supported by this tribe of soulful and soul-led women and LOVE being a member. [I value the support so much in fact that I include membership as part of my current coaching programme (for the women only).] 

6) Take a course (or get access to others through one to one coaching)

I met Paula on a course that I took with John Williams, author of Screw Work, Let's Play. I was able to help her with something (can't actually recall what it was) and we both stayed on the line after one of the calls to swap contact details. That was 6 years ago! We've remained in contact ever since.

I met Kathy P through a Facebook group that we both joined through working with the same mentor. (And Nicole and Kara, two dear colleagues). 

And I met another friend through the course that we were both taking. We partnered up and spoke every week over several months.

And it goes on...I've been supported and inspired by so many friends and colleagues in this way, each who have contributed to my journey, my personal growth and my business and who I've been able to support in return. 

7) Just reach out

It can feel SO scary to do this but what about asking someone you really admire if they'd like to go for lunch, or connect over a coffee or on the phone. Yes, perhaps you risk feeling awkward if they say no (if you're not used to reaching out like this) but there's always the possibility they say yes - and how good would that be, right?
I've had yes's and some no's and I recommend taking this step ESPECIALLY if it scares you. 

8) Invest in one to one coaching

My list wouldn't be complete without mentioning one to one coaching: dedicated focused support tailored entirely around your path. It can feel like a big investment, sure, I felt like that too. But in terms of knowing you have someone to bring your obstacles to, the boost knowing you've invested in yourself for the support you need for your journey, there is no comparison. I've worked with a variety of coaches and mentors over the last few years and it's by far the most effective way to give yourself the accountability you need. 

If you know you're clear on where you're going and you want to explore the possibility of how this type of support could help you start your business, move out of stuck, step up to your biggest, best and most fulfilling life, I invite you to take the first step and apply for a space on my one to one programme. 

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