The biggest lie you can tell yourself

I DO go on about vision. Knowing your direction, what your deepest self truly desires to experience in life, getting clarity on what you actually want is SO important. 

But it also requires ACTION. 

And there is a huge obstacle that can get in the way.

One of those diversions that takes you the LONG way round.

A road block. 

We actually create this obstacle.

Yes, us.

(Ever heard that phrase 'get out of your own way?')

What is this obstacle? 

It's a big fat lie. 

A porky. 

The biggest lie you can tell yourself.

We tell ourselves a lie about what action is really needed.

And we get all serious and intelligent about it. 

"I must take the 'right' I need to decide what the best action is....because if I do something that takes me along the 'wrong' path.... I'll waste time and money and will be much worse off."

The core of the lie is basically resistance.

The big fat lie says:

'Doing nothing is better than doing the 'wrong' thing.'

And we can get STUCK. For HOURS. DAYS. WEEKS. Months. Even years. 

When we do nothing, we are still making a choice.

And yes, sometimes doing nothing is the choice we make.

(When it's a conscious choice, we're aware of it, when it's not, we're deciding by default.)

Most of the time when we're doing nothing it's about RESISTANCE.

We paralyse ourselves because we're afraid. 

Actually, conscious action - and I'd go as far as saying any action - is better than nothing. 

Action that will take you nearer your goal moves you forward.


Because it creates momentum. 

Momentum helps us push through self-doubt, create clarity and engages us with life. 

When you engage in conscious action (intentional action with awareness) and step towards your desires, you see change. 

Once you see the change, you can evaluate.

Something like: Is this where I want to be headed now this has happened, or now I'm here? 

[Hey, you can even start asking yourself the question 'Does this feel good (aligned with my soul)?']

You can always start with a SMALL action. 

What about a change with a high 'risk'? 

Like leaving a job, investing money, having a difficult conversation, moving house, country or break up a relationship?


Of course, the bigger the risk you perceive, the scarier it is.

Finding a smaller action to take which will help you get there without the 'jumping off a cliff' feeling. 

(And sorry to break it to you but even then, you will still face the big leap eventually)

You see, if you decide that it's not the 'right' path for you, TAKE MORE ACTION.

See what you've learnt.


Course correct. 

I used to be so terrified of doing the 'wrong' thing (what's the best thing to do next out of all these options?) that I would sit around for hours DOING NOTHING. 

I didn't know what to do next to get me to my goal of creating my dream life and my idea of becoming a coach. I had no clue what was the best thing to do. So I decided to go to a networking event just to get out of the house. I was asked to become the event organiser. And a few weeks later someone asked me to coach them. 

I spent years wondering what it was like to live in Italy because I didn't want to make a wrong move - what if there was another country I wanted to live in? So I took a small step and went on holiday there. Two years later, it was my home. 

I sat around for hours 'doing nothing' because I was afraid to make sales calls. So I took a small step and just made a phone call. Not a sales call. Just a phone call. 

Doing nothing is not going to get your towards your goals. 

What action will you take this week?


Right now?