Chronic pain?

What do you do with a chronic condition that stops you from feeling your most alive?  

It may not be anything big. A twinge you have, that you realised has become constant. An ache. 

Oh, you say, I have this weird pain in my [enter body part].

It's not a MASSIVE deal. It's not stopping you do most of what you need to.

But, even if you haven't actually said it out loud yet, it IS holding you back from your fullest life. 

How do you manage a chronic pain that is preventing you living exactly how you want to?

Listen up. 

Your body has a message for the place you're in right now.  

When we start making changes - around our finances, careers, relationships, health or lifestyle, all the gunk has to come up before we can fully take hold of and be the new 'us', we have to let go of all the other 'stuff' that is holding us back.  

And we have this incredible tool to identify that something needs to be looked at: pain.

Your body is talking to you through the pain. 

When I first read Louise Hay’s book, You can heal your life, I nearly threw it across the room. 

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. 

Louise Hay teaches that our natural state is ease and that 'dis-ease' is our body's way of saying something is out of alignment.

It gives us a place to look for inner growth or healing. 


I couldn't believe it! I thought it you got stuck with a chronic condition - that's it, you were stuck with it. It just WAS.

Now I see my pain as a opportunity to grow. 

Our pain is telling us that something is out of alignment. 

If my body was trying to tell me something, what would I hear?

I get that might be a question you can't answer... this minute. 

But put it out there. Ask yourself.

When I started my meditation practice, I used the techniques I learnt to get rid of shoulder and neck pain. 

Yes, gone. 

Although I was VERY new to meditation, something clicked for me when I realised that I’m more than my body, and that non-acceptance of the present moment could cause a disconnect. When that disconnect extends over time, the non-acceptance shows up as physical pain. 

And when I subsequently developed pain in my hip, something told me it was deep emotional pain. I didn’t go to a doctor. 

The last 3 years for me have not just been about creating a life that I love, by getting out there and doing it.

It's also been about healing.

This is where your growth point is. This the place to look. This is where you can have a break through and STORM forward and experience the serendipities and the magic of this journey. It's not necessarily going to instantly heal your pain. You can still take the usual steps to make it better!

And you can also ask yourself what else you can learn. 

What's your pain? What is it trying to communicate? Where's your opportunity to heal?