Give yourself permission

Here's a Friday question for you. 

What will you not let yourself have?

That piece of cake that's sitting in the office kitchen?
New underwear?
Coaching support?

A weekly cleaner? 

Really amazing friends?
A new career?

Why not? 

What's stopping you? 

Let's stretch that thought a little...

In this moment, what are you not 'letting yourself' be, do or have? 

Have you given yourself permission to live your most beautiful, fabulous and fulfilling life? 

You see, it's just a decision. 

I KNOW some of you might feel a bit peeved about that.

You're shouting 'It's not just a decision Claire, I have mouths to feed and clients to attend to and shit to do. I have responsibilities and stuff I can't just let go of and things I can't just 'do what I want'.' 

One of the biggest shifts I had was to start believing that I fully supported in who I am. Me. As I am. 

That if I started living the kind of life I wanted to live, it wouldn't all come tumbling down and I'd end up living in a ditch. 

That if I really listened to myself, I COULD make it work. 

It took me months. 

It was hearing my coach say it, and repeat it and stand for me in that place.

It was letting it sit with me, bounce around in my brain and my heart before I could fully accept its magnificence. 

It was taking little steps to test out the 'theory' and realising some of my tests weren't working because what it required was FAITH and I was approaching it with scepticism. 

I had to let myself be powerful, effective and strong.

I had to let myself do bold, scary and 'crazy' stuff.

I had to let myself have the life, clothes, possessions and experiences that I truly craved.  

I had to give myself permission to believe something different. 


Give yourself permission to TRY. (Actually, I once heard a great soundbite that said there is no 'try' there is only 'Do' or 'Do not') 

Give yourself permission to take your time with everything. 

Give yourself permission to do what you love.

Give yourself permission to experiment.

Give yourself permission to fail.

Give yourself permission to take a walk, eat lunch outside or sing in the

Give yourself permission to be very rich. 

Give yourself permission to create a beautiful schedule. 

Give yourself permission to choose something else for your life, even if everyone around you will 'disapprove'.

If you're fearful of giving yourself permission, get curious as to WHY.

If you've spent your entire life not giving yourself permission...give yourself permission to start :-)