Room with an (Italian) view

I remember the first day I really 'got' that I could use the Law of Attraction. I'd spent months (ahem, years) reading about examples, huge scepticism in my mind towering over a tiny voice within me saying 'But maybe it works...'

I was living in Pisa with a week left on my tenancy. I was torn - should I go back to England for a while or stay in Italy? I had moved mountains to leave my job, give away my stuff and get on the plane to go there in the first place...was I really ready to leave?

I asked my heart - what do I want? And the answer came back...I want to stay in Italy.

And my head said: Yet there is a perfectly good situation all prepared (place to live) in England. I knew that ultimately it didn't matter what decision I made but still, it rankled.

I put my intention out there. I want to stay in Italy. I wanted to go back to Vicenza actually, having lived there before, and I knew a couple of people.

The Law of Attraction requires us to take action once we get clear on our desires. I had been in contact with the school, who'd helped me get the accommodation before. I had also tried to look on some flat-sharing websites but my language skills were abysmal...that was never going to be the best solution.

I'd even contacted a woman I'd been introduced to on Facebook through another friend as a Vicenza resident now living in London, in case she knew of anyone. I did everything I could possibly think of but nothing seemed to be happening!

I was getting desperate but then had an idea. I'd been in contact briefly with a guy who I'd met in Vicenza. I'd asked him before about whether he knew anyone but something told me to ask him again.

Within 10 minutes he'd replied and within 4 days I had packed my belongings and got on the train to my new place - a room in a beautiful apartment, with mosquito nets, a washing machine and a clean airy living space (all things I'd got clear that I wanted). Plus my room had a balcony and a spectacular view of the mountains....