Tears pricked my eyes as I climbed the hill. 

At nothing in particular and at everything in that moment. 

It was my early morning walk and I was reflecting on the events of the preceding days. What one of my clients was facing. Using my intuition. How I was communicating. Being a coach means that when something comes up in your client’s life, you know damn well there is something in there for you as well. 

I’d been wondering whether I need to take a slight left turn in my life. An adjustment to the original plan. 

It made sense. 

Financially logical. Already in place. Fairly straightforward. 

And you know, it fitted really well with where I was. It fitted with the vision I had originally. It just looked a bit different. 

And the voice inside, the one the women I admire call Her, said this:

‘You know your soul work. This fits because you made it fit. Not because it’s your desire.’

Damn, she’s good, Her. 

The tears pricked because I knew. 

Joy and relief. 

Peace inside felt SO good. 

I came back to my truth, that however easy and logical that option looked, it wasn’t aligned. 

Because your heart has its own timing, its own path and it’s own deep, warming store of wisdom. 

Its wisdom must come before logic. Its wisdom must declare its unruly desires before forming the plan. 

That is how we must work: the feminine wisdom before the masculine order.

The dance of the energies inside us, keeping our flow light and easy, even when it seems strange.

The words from the poem Invictus came to me, as if by way of validation and reassurance:

I am captain of my fate, I am master of my soul. 

Mastering the soul is about heeding: hearing the draw of desire, or perhaps feeling the pain of living out of whack.

It’s about listening, carefully, without distraction.

It’s about acting - taking the steps through the tangle of confusion.

It’s about standing, facing the naysayers the disbelievers, the face of derision and accusation.

It’s about living, building a castle of those soul-led decisions stronger and more beautiful every day. 

What is the next desire of your soul? 

How will you listen? 

What will you heed?