The invitation to step in...

Why do you not have the life that you want?

Do you know? 

I know that ANYONE can create the freedom-centred, joyful, fun-filled and adventurous life that they choose.

See, I've been through all the excuses myself - I don't have enough money, time, motivation, knowledge  - whatever to get 'THERE'. 

I used to worry that I wouldn't be able to 'make it'. I used to worry that I would be an exception to all the success stories that you hear. 

Now I realise, those people - they just stepped into PLAY. They put themselves into the 'game' and used the laws to create the experience they wanted. 

So NOW I can trust that whatever happens, I can handle it. Whatever comes up, I can 

use the Laws of the Universe to trust that I can always figure out what the next step is.

How to get back into flow again. 

How to move forward. 

You see, if you have a big vision to do something life-changing, if you have a desire to make a huge, positive impact on the world and you're worried about making a huge leap and it all going pear-shaped...I GET IT.

It's WAY easier to learn how it works so you can build on what you have (as fast as you like) to create whatever life you want.  

I want to teach you how to apply the laws for yourself so you can create the abundance, wealth, peace and joy I've found that we can ALL experience.  

I've shared some practical (and personal!) examples from my life (most from the last year or so) that demonstrate HOW POWERFUL these laws can be, once you understand how to use them and begin to work with them.

And no, you don't need to be a super user at the beginning!

This is a little taster of the kind of examples I'll be sharing on the course, Archive, so you can get a glimpse of how these laws are fundamental to the way I live now. 

Example 1) I've consciously used the Law of Attraction to manifest a new place to live, TWICE. Once in a foreign country where I hardly spoke the language and in a city over 300km away from where I was living. The other was when I was back in England  -  the first (and only) place I looked round (and it's LUSH). 

Example 2) I've put the law of attraction into play (and the law of non-resistance) by manifesting a new income stream just by showing up to a business show. 

Example 3) Even though I had a LOT of limiting beliefs around it, I used the law of attraction to bring me a new housemate when the other had to leave suddenly. 

Example 4) I used the law of receiving to bring into my life key basics furniture and household equipment that I didn't have when I came back from Italy. I'm talking: fridge, sofa, table and chairs, a TV a hoover, a wardrobe, pots and pans and numerous smaller items. I paid a small amount for some of the items, the rest were given to me for free. 

Example 5) Most recently I've been working with the laws of SUPPLY, increase and attraction to bring into my life the kind of man I want to date. And yes, the more I practice, the better they get. :-)

There are LOTS of ways that I've used the laws - these are just a few. And now I'm so USED to using the laws, I can do it with very little effort. 

What would YOU like to use the laws to create for your life?

A car? A new job? A house? A man (or woman)? A new income stream? 

How good would it feel to know how to be able to create any kind of experience you wanted, and practical stuff as well? And then see it happen?