What's your song?

As we see terror attacks and tragedies, it starts to make even the most optimistic among us question: What is the answer?

The Dalai Lama said: "The world will be saved by the Western woman." I like to translate this to: "The world will be saved by woman, and Western women are positioned to do this easily at this time."

That's us! WESTERN WOMEN. (oh god yes men as well, it's just many women tend to THINK it's for 'someone else')

If we have a desire to be part of the change of the world - big or small, let us step forward into that.

We don't have to do something we don't want to do. We have to mine our soul for its gifts, its purpose, its most glorious expression.

If we have a deep, soul-fire-breathing desire for self-expression, whether that's playing the piano, writing, speaking, sewing, fire-eating, looking after babies, growing stuff, cleaning stuff, testing things, research, playing basketball, drawing, painting, singing, connecting people, sharing your home, cooking, beautifying things (or the gazillion other things I don't have space for here), it's there for a reason.

It may not seem to you like it could stop terror attacks or prevent injustice or 'fight crime'.

But we ALL need ALL our gifts to change.

When we express our divine, people stop.

They listen.

They hear and their soul is stirred.


Remember that lady in Manchester who started singing Don't look back in anger?

What's your song?