My top 10 tips for keeping going and getting it done...

If you ever want insight into how I get stuff done, stay on track and generally make my life fabulous, well, please don't think I'm some kind of genius. 

I'm not!

I get things wrong, procrastinate, and find myself in a place where I'm unclear on what's next too.

BUT. I also have learnt some great mantras and sayings to remind myself with along the way. Especially when I'm feeling stuck, frustrated or confused about what to do next.  

This started out as a Top 10 list…but I included two more as a bonus!

So here's my Top 10, er, Top 12!

1) “Do what you can with what you have”  ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Everyone doesn’t start with millions to spend on getting the best contacts, resources or equipment. Whatever you want to do or start, keep it SUPER simple to start with. So if you want to start a podcast, use the computer you have and record it. Do your absolute best with it and more will come. 

2) “In every situation there is meaning, order, healing and love” ~ from Mike Dooley’s ‘Top 10 things dead people want to say to you”

When I was going through one of the most fearful times I’ve experienced, I couldn’t use positive affirmations because I didn’t believe them. I couldn’t FEEL them, so I knew they weren’t going to ‘work’. Instead I said this to myself, I couldn’t see how it would work out but I began to develop a trust that one day I would be able to see the good in a bad situation. 

3) There is a gift in every moment.

Whenever we come up against an obstacle, something unexpected happens or something just goes wrong, there is always a gift. By accepting a situation (I say to myself ‘Oh Ok then, what is there for me instead?’) I am open to seeing what the possibilities are. This allows for more good to come in, rather than us shutting down and getting cross and grumpy that life isn't ‘working for us’. Recently I’ve noticed this happening a lot for me with food: looking in the fridge and seeing ‘nothing to eat’ but then looking with different eyes and realising what a great meal you can make out of the random collections of vegetables.

4) “Anyone or anything that does not make you come alive is to small for you” ~ David Whyte

A BIG challenge to me was to ‘let go’ of relationships, possessions, ideas, beliefs and actions that weren't serving me. The biggest challenge was around relationships. Keeping this in mind helped me let go of what other people think and create healthy boundaries. 

5) Beware of the ‘shoulds’

A lovely reminder for me when I slip into doing things because I ‘should’. Get curious about your ‘shoulds’ - where do they come from? Are they even yours?

6) Remember the ‘now’

However many mistakes you’ve made, however much you’ve gone weeks without doing the thing you’re resisting, whatever fear you’ve got going on, you can change it in an instant - it’s called NOW. From Leo Tolstoy’s quote: “Remember then: there is only one time that is important-Now! It is the most important time because it is the only time when we have any power.”

7) You can be, do, say, think or feel anything you like. At any time. 

Yep. Absolutely. It’s your life. You get to choose.

8) Listen to your inner leader, not your inner critic.

Bringing attention to the voice you’re listening to right now - which is it? 

9) Remember the 80/20 rule

One of my first coaches taught me this great mantra. Aiming to do something 80% of the time, for example eating a certain way or creating a new habit makes you far more likely to succeed at it. So, if you want to eat more vegetables, aim for doing it 80% of the time and let yourself off for the other 20%!

10) Talk to your cells, encourage them.

Everything is energy and is strengthened and enhanced by good energy (love). But SO MANY of us don’t know how to praise and encourage ourselves. Tell yourself you’re doing a great job. While you're at it, praise your furniture, your clothes, your handbags, everything. It's the Law of Attraction (I teach about this in my Laws of the Universe course - available for self-study.)

11) Done is better than perfect

I have spent HOURS and HOURS writing blog posts and trying to make them perfect but it’s still not right. There comes a point when you have to, in Seth Godin’s words, ‘SHIP’. And learning how to ship, finish a project and get it out into the world, even if it’s not up to your perfectionist standards is the best way to create momentum and push yourself forward. 

12) Do one thing at a time

Many women (and some men :-)) I know are excellent multi-taskers. I also LOVE being efficient (to extremes: when I used to go to make my breakfast in the morning, I put it on, then would think of 5 things I could do whilst it was cooking, plus work out the logical order to do them so as to walk the shortest distance and use the least energy). But this creates scattered thinking and we get less done overall. We are so busy DOING that we aren’t BEING in the moment and we are so focused, we forget to enjoy it (yes, I’ve even learned how to really enjoy simple stuff like hanging out the washing). Do one thing, finish it. Do the next thing. Repeat.

Which mantra above will you put into practice to make your life more fabulous?