Getting supported (Yes leaders need to eat!)

I used to think being supported meant you were weak. That you didn't have the know how to do things by yourself - from start to finish, and therefore you were somewhat 'less than'.

I also had this idea that being supported in any kind of household chore was snobby and elitist. That you weren't fully in your 'role as a woman' if you outsourced anything 'householdy' (SO much in that but will leave that for another post).

Yet I was really struggling to be creative in the kitchen - at the end of the day and planning meals: managing meals is in my zone of competence NOT my zone of genius. I wanted to feel good about eating and craved variety in what I ate.

So I had this whole guilt thing about getting meals delivered but I decided to 'try it out'.

I still wanted to engage in the process of cooking, and liked the idea about learning how to make new meals and cooking from scratch so I chose a company which delivers you all the ingredients ready measured and I just follow the recipe card to put it all together and cook it.

It feels SO good to support myself in this way.

I no longer have the stress of trying to plan meals as I'm walking round the supermarket (I still go by the way, it's just dinners I get delivered)

I no longer eat the same 6 'go to' meals

I am building my nutritional intake through variety and

I eat fresh food prepared from scratch.

I feel a sense of accomplishment when I manage a new recipe and I have upped my vegetable intake.

I am learning different combinations of flavours and discovering new foods, herbs and spices.

It tastes GREAT.

It's not perfect - there's more plastic and packaging than I would like (some which is recyclable) however taking it one step at a time.

I believe that when we make choices that support us, we help support others even more.

This decision has given me MORE freedom, MORE fulfilment and MORE space to do what I do best - in service or more people. 

PLUS bringing more variety and flavour into my life has had an interesting effect on my creativity (and my income level!)

I used to think I had to reach a certain level of income (or have a housekeeper or something!) to allow myself the 'luxury' of not doing everything myself. 

Since I've started supporting myself in this way, I've seen how much more space and freedom this has given me, which has really kept my energy high after a day's work. Before, I went into the kitchen and felt the 'struggle' - not knowing what to eat or cook. Now I feel inspired and ready, knowing it's all there, I just have to get out the kitchen knives. 

I want to ask you what you see for yourself in my experience. 

How could you start supporting yourself to allow more freedom, fulfillment or space?