Invisible prisons

Many, many women live their whole lives thinking they have to do things someone else's way, working to an imaginary set of rules (compiled from various sources - mothers, fathers, churches, spiritual gurus, probably some coaches as well!) every day, despite them being completely arbitrary and restrictive.

'You can't do that!'

'You're not allowed to be so casual'

'You mustn't be so provocative'

'You can't go out with him'

'You can't sleep in'

'You have to work more'

'You have to do it like this'

'You have to follow the rules'

'You're fooling yourself that you have anything special'

'You have to try harder'

'You're not good enough to do it the way you want to'

These 'imaginary rules' are way more powerful than any kind of textbook learning.

They ensure a woman locks herself into a cage of stifling her creativity, wearing herself out and keeping herself small to continue the status quo and not 'upset anybody'.

When a woman taps into HER way of being, creating a life that truly supports her, her body, her mind and her soul, everybody benefits.

Her pleasure quickens her inspiration and unleashes her joy. This radiates out to the world at large. And especially (in my experience!) to men.

What we don't talk about is the tremendous courage it takes to break free of these prisons.

The inner work to untangle the beliefs.

The persistence to choose differently, despite the possibility of ridicule, whilst she's still learning to lean into her own power.

The courage to decide to go for it, in the face of apparent difficulty, failure or defeat.

The challenge to continually listen to herself over other people in order to know herself better and therefore BE more fully herself.

Yet, she knows that unless she does, there will always be something nagging at her, knowing she could feel, be and experience the 'more' she longs for.

Bowing to all of us women, at whatever stage of the journey we're on to committing to ourselves in order to create a better world.