Remembering why you decided to do it in the first place

I had one of those days yesterday where I felt a little frustrated and out of sorts. I was trying to force myself to do things, and that rarely goes well.

It was Election Day for the European elections in the UK - so a funny day in itself.

And in the evening, a friend invited me out for a drink but I had to do a few things and I didn’t feel like being in company. I knew something was ‘off’ with me, and nothing was getting to the heart of it.

I switched on the TV and scrolled through my recorded programmes. Sometimes I look through this list and think ‘why on earth did I record that?’

But yesterday I hit gold. Because I found a short series made about famous British food brands and how they were produced. It’s presenter, (Lord Prescott, an ex-politician) isn’t who I’d choose perhaps but I share his passion for supporting British talent.

Why did I decide to start out on this adventure - starting a business, following my dreams? Because I wanted to support, encourage and inspire ordinary British people like me in the creation and pursuit of their dreams. Ordinary British people who share the same heritage, the same love of their country, who maybe sometimes lose hope in themselves and need to know someone else shares their vision.

I just watched our Prime Minister give a speech (about her resignation). Regardless of how you feel about her personally, it felt important. She holds it together until the end where her voice breaks and she shares her heart: the love of her country.

That’s how I feel. I love my country! That’s surely what everyone wants, to be able to live their lives peacefully, with opportunity to grow and develop and achieve.

That’s why I love coaching so much: having someone to share the obstacles with and face them, look at them, and step through them.

If you’ve started something - the pursuit of a dream, a business, an organisation, a family or a project and you’re feeling frustrated, stuck or annoyed, follow your intuition to reconnect with the ‘why’. Cast your mind back to the reason you decided to stick your neck out and start on the journey. Remember that. Remember why. And feel that love again.