The Top 5 reasons why people-pleasing women struggle in life*

*according to me.

1. Self-doubt. Constant doubt. Imposter syndrome. This affects their self-esteem, their relationships, their ability to take action.

2. A difficult relationship with resources (money, time etc). Thinking there's not enough for everyone. Not being able to think creatively. Fear of the consequences of saying no.

3. Overload of responsibilities (the care of children or parents, work commitments, partner's career/needs etc). Meaning they don't rest enough.

4. Lack of support - and therefore time to rest, support themselves and create what they want. Feeling not good enough for support. Thinking they have to get everything done, or serve everyone else first. Fear of looking weak by asking for help or looking arrogant and selfish for investing in themselves.

5. Disconnection from their Soul voice. The root cause of all of the above.

And 5 questions to ask yourself if you recognise your struggles in this:

  • What’s really important to me? Am I prioritising my needs and desires?

  • What is my Soul voice saying? Specifically? Today?

  • How could I support myself better or create more support for myself?

  • Where can I say No? Where else can I say no? Where am I hesitating about saying no?

  • What time can I take today to rest?