Am I too nice for unconventional living?

Or can I use it to my advantage? The past has brought us roadblocks. We are determined not to allow circumstances, our lack of focus and our enemies to limit us again. We tell our friends we will not go down that same path, leading to confusion and muddle. Yet we sometimes stray, and get halfway there and swing around sharply, kicking ourselves. Damn. Again. NO.

And then one day, we stand our ground. We sniff the danger, we sense the mood. We know what we want, we have dreamed of the person we want to be. It was a long and tough road to get here, and we won't give up easily.

Recently, I've read some unconventional stories, tales of new ground and new business. But when I've read their words, their speech, their thoughts they do not make me think 'Hell Yeh!' [Insert punch the air here]

They make me feel scared. I thought (due to location, topic and style) I wanted to be friends with them; to contact them; to do business with them.To push the boat out. No. I choose not to.

And then, worse, I began wonder if it were me. Maybe what they said was right, maybe I should be quaking in my boots. Fearful, that they were right, and something was wrong with me. Maybe I will fail unless I'm like them. Scary.

But no.

There are people who we want to work with and there are people I don't.

There are two types of people: YES people and difficulty people. They are easy to spot. The first lift you up to encouragement, the others don't. Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy.