What's love got to do with it?

Why would you want to love your business? It's work, right? It's that boring, time-consuming role you have to play for most of your waking hours. It can't be fun and it's lucky if you love what you do. The majority don't, so just get on with it. Those who love what they do, who practice a craft, an art, and share them as gifts which clients or customers value, we are seeking compensation for the heart and soul that we pour into that creation; that which we call work.

OK, wait, why have you gone all mumbo-jumbo airy fairy?

Let me flip it.

When you do work out of necessity, breeding increasing resentment, sat in a lack of energy and demotivation, your best is not brought. If, like me, you need to put everything into your work (to give yourself a sense of achievment, fulfillment and - well - living) less than your best will stink. Maybe not the finished project. Maybe you've had enough practice to be able to present to your bosses flawlessly. But it manifests itself during the process, with sighs and grunts and extra fag/toilet/tea breaks. It may not even raise its ugly head at work, but boy, when you get home your wife hears about it.

There are those who work, and quite enjoy it, and everyone ticks along happily. But that's not enough for me. I want to love, indulge, give my best, leave my mark, bring something meaningful to the table.

When love is shy, unsure of itself, afraid of rejection, it needs courage, to venture out, to be strong, to be able to hold your head high even if you're shot down. We all know the best way of doing this is by getting people on board, having friends behind you, some boost of approval. It's tough starting out describing your little caterpillar-like dream; ugly, misfitting and unfinished. Even when you've got it a little more developed and people's words turn to 'Go for it!' and 'Don't worry, you'll be great!', the offering still looks inexperienced and faulty at best, you haven't trodden this path before, and it desperately shows.

This is where that little phrase comes in.

Love covers all manner of sins.

It's not about covering up your mistakes. It's seeing in someone the passion to keep on, the desire for it to be right, the commitment and the fire and it's being that one who emanates it. It's obvious potential that surrounds you - face, body, tone of voice and hand gestures. It's seeing it - evidence that you have something in you that the other guy doesn't. YOU CARE.

There are books on monetizing your passions, that is, making money from doing what you love. This requires a renewal of the mind. Don't settle for the rest of your life. Decide that's what you want and begin to look into it. Email me if you want somewhere to start.

Love has got to do it.