New. Biz. GO.

Why I was never going to be a businessman? And not just because I am not a man. I was never going to go into business. I wasn't a fat businessman with years of cutting edge, corporate experience. I didn't have the know-how and ruthlessness to succeed. I thought I needed negotiating skills which rivalled specially trained police forces just to raise finance. And I am a woman, so if I was to take this path, I would be saying goodbye to all chance of a family, as my life would now be devoted to this new path.

Business no longer requires a suit, an office, an expensive computer, networking system and staff. Business does not require extensive knowledge of banking, accountancy and law. Business can be about playing, about pursuing your passions and using your intelligence, quick-thinking, enthusisasm and ability to work until you're beat.

The new biz is in a way, more demanding, more stretching and wholly more satisfying.

What is the new biz?

The new biz is the combination of the need to earn money and the gifts and talents we were born with, the skills we have acquired and the desire and approachability we have to learning. With this, the new biz is ready.

The internet has made everything faster and easier. It's 24hour, a vast pool of resources, talent and inspiration. Someone is always awake. Meeting people does not require any more formality than common courtesy and a social media platform. We can network in our pyjamas, during leisure and with prewritten words. We can outsource without lengthy meetings and often by interacting only with machines. We can pick and choose between sites, gurus and RSS feeds. We can create websites, use communication tools and use resources for free. We have everything we need.

However in a way, the new biz depends more on the unique 'us'.

This way of life must be disciplined, productive and hardworking. It must be organised, thoughtful, unconventional and sparkle with creativity. It does not need a franking machine or fancy compliments slips, but it requires the ability to make, sustain and bring to fruition relationships. Not only do this but potentially do this via wireless devices, whilst roaming new forums, platforms and technology. It means keeping up, looking into, choosing and executing. It gives you more responsibility from day one than any other walk of life.

What is the new biz about?

The new biz is about respect. It's about dealing with people in the way the world knows it should. It's about asking permission to invade someone else's life with what you're saying. It's about courteousness to the consumer, privacy, choice and walking away with nothing. It is authentic. Authenticity which comes from transparency, decency, openess and a willingness to put your self on the line. It is admitting mistakes, committing to apologies and actions to make right. It is going the extra mile in practice, without blinking, because it is not about 'keeping clients on side' it is about acting in a way which is true to yourself. It is fulfilling for those of us who are good enough to do 'corporate' but who don't want to compromise our souls.

The new biz is giving. Above all, I would say. The new biz succeeds in satisfying the consumerism vs necessity debate and also the human willingness to love and give and be compassionate. The crux of the philosophy of the new biz is in giving yourself and your creations, talents, energy and passions to the world- the outpourings of your heart and your soul, in true, planned, organised, beautiful ways, it will give you satisfaction back.

It is playful. The characteristics of the new biz are humourous, . They play on language, on experimental thinking, on current affairs taken with a pinch of salt.

It results in conversation, brainstorming, community, enthusiasm, energy, creativity and products. It puts life into ideas, and it makes things happen. It allows us to go for excellence even if not everything is perfect first time. It shouldn't be. We ship before we are happy.

It's about cutting out hierarchy, because merit is all that matters. Because quality is practiced, worked at, developed. But ideas and action combined are enough to skyrocket you to CEO.

And if you want to do this one day or someday, you'll be better if you start now. Age 17, 25, 36, 88. Whatever. Skills are something you list on your CV. By listing your skills, you are limiting yourself. If you can show up, learn, apply, practice, execute, revise, be committed, be fair, push yourself and yet be kind to yourself, age doesn't matter, and no one has to know it.

But I'm...

If you are currently receiving benefits for no reason other than a lost ability to act, or because you think someone 'owes' you something, and what I say strikes a little hope in you, my job is done. It is up to you to act, to set out, to see what you can acheive. To blame others for your situation is to mark your creativity and ingenuity at minus one. To compare yourself with others is to miss the point. To practice your craft, your ideas, being you, is to dig out the very best of what is there, that is your next mission. Getting over the hurdles is merely your journey.

Yet we do not follow those things which we doubt. We do not deal with those people who do not see our vision, our passion and embrace it. Those who are gatekeepers and criticisers who have no agenda than to keep us out, we do not centralise them in our lived. Being true to yourself has never been so critical. If you cannot do this in your personal life, you cannot do this in your business.