What's going to make you soar?

This is an interactive exercise. By which I mean you have to do something more than read. Making your business a happier place could take a number of paths. Here's a few starters:

Reorganise. General getting your house in order. Decluttering. Outsourcing. Minimising. Just tidying up an office can clear your head of cobwebs and panic attacks. I find cleaning is a good way to unblock creativity. Just physical work on which you have to concentrate with a measurable result can mentally place you in a better place. A fresh piece of paper so to speak.

Revolutionise. Is your office a great place to work? Great, not ok. In one of my jobs, I told senior management that the supervisors and junior managers were not getting enough praise and encouragement. I think they ignored me, but it didn't matter, it was my exit interview. These are people, not robots. They give a lot to you. Be kind. That's not just 'Be nice' it's be kind. Encourage, motivate, thank.

Radicalise. A new business strategy. Something to make you different. Trends are leaning towards giving. How can you make your customer's day? How can you really focus your unique selling point (USP) ? How can you come up with something different from your competitors?

It takes something different to get yourself to a place where you can be objective. You have to tear away 'the way you do things' and be brutally honest. Do I stumble because I can't admit that I might be wrong? Am I scared to try something a bit crazy? Whilst I don't believe in craziness just for the sake of it, I know that you can overcome some fears and doubts with action. Action is making an idea a little bit more human.

So what if you're the first accountant who travels in a campervan? Why not ask your clients what they think? An accountant that comes to you and takes you out surfing? If you're working with young guys and girls who've got themselves small businesses - shops and service providers, who jump at the chance for a weekend meeting and then half an hour catching waves, you're in.

I'd like to see the first office space which just gives you table space and a laptop, and let's you get on with it. No fuss. No set desks. A hub of phones to make calls if needed. Or a forwarding service to a mobile. Quiet rooms and ones with music. Bring your own pens to keep stationery costs down, and a small expense account each. Black and white dress code but no other restrictions (except for general modesty). Try something odd, offer something enticing.

Yes it's outside the box. Now it's your go.