It's all about the action

Without being able to take action you are prohibited. Your mind is full of ideas. They pop up when you least expect them. Unless you get them out there though, they cannot flourish, they will stay in the box. The longer they sit in the box, the more feeble they look to you. Many ideas may be just as good six months or a year down the line but, as far as their potential for expansion goes, in your head, you missed the boat somewhere. However imperfect, an idea which is chivvied into action can twist and turn its way to greatness.

When you say to me, "It's not as easy as that", "I've never done that before", "I can't do it", it is then you look around you and see others who have. Perhaps it's something as popular as losing weight. You want to be fitter and healthier, yet you can't do what you want to. You will go round and round in circles until you change how you think. Yes, partly it's about getting practical and being creative round the problem. But it's made or broken in your mind.

There are people in the world who do the things they want to do, look back and rub their hands with satisfaction. How do they do that? What is it that gives them the motivation even when it gets tough? Even when people think their ideas are weird and are sceptical.  There are the people who climb mountains and people who start businesses, people who leave a job to sail round the world, people who write novels and get published. Oh but I'm not like them, you say. I'm too young and inexperienced, I'm too old and out of touch, I'm too unfit and anyway, they've got lots of money and contacts. They've got more time to do everything, they've had a privileged upbringing, they just have an easier life.

It's not true.

It's about your mind. Expanding your mind does not mean reading more books (although that's not a bad thing!). It is more about accepting the possibility that there is another way to be. Consider alternatives. I don't mean don't stick to strong principles. I mean don't accept the reality you're living in if you're not satisfied by it. Don't settle.

If you're weary and tired of where you're going, invest in yourself. Dream of what you want. Then take the action. You must know how much you want it. It gets extreme here. For anyone who has ever had their world turned upside down with grief or shock, you'll know what I'm talking about. You know the feeling when you don't know anything anymore. Suddenly life gets black and white. It's when you've got through that and you're looking back, saying 'Man, that was tough.' It took me a long time to get back to normal and life is too short. Life is too short. So decide what you REALLY want.

And then you take action.You do something, and it feels great! You're on your way. Excellent, you knew you could do it. Happy happy happy.

And then you get stuck. And scared and wanting to run away.

And THIS is the crucial moment. Because it's at this point, the point where you feel the worst, demotivated, lost, listless, most like a failure, crap, terrified, rubbish, pathetic, ridiculous, humilliated and without any reputation, THIS is when you take a step of action. In Seth's words: You show up. You do, you ship, you present. You keep going, you go again.  However painful the step, however much your legs ache, your brain hurts and your heart doubts. Here in this hole you put one foot in front of the other and plod on.

When this has happened..oh so many times...and each time you have focused, reassessed and hold dear to the fact that you do you know what you want and will ACT on realise you've got more in you than you realise. You're stronger. You can see others around you floundering. You'll have new eyes and a new beat. You're living it.