Cultivating a happiness boosting environment

Note I haven't said 'The way to be happy'. This is a holistic approach. The human body has amazing resilience; it has powers to self-heal, react with adrenaline or merely rejuvenate. But you must allow it, you must fuel it properly and you must be flexible. You must learn to listen to yourself.

Those people who are successful look after themselves. They know by spreading themselves too thinly, bad decisions are made, deadlines are broken and illness creates havoc.

Eat well. Healthily. You know what this means I expect, deep down. Save your indulgences for every other night out. I restrict my intake of desserts at home to enjoy them all the more for when I'm out for dinner. I won't drink alcohol during the week, unless it's at a specific event. I watch my portion sizes and how much red meat I'm consuming in a week. These might seem like strict rules, but actually, if I break them it doesn't matter, as long as I keep to them for the most part. I know that, with unhealthy foods and habits, (other more female specific ones being wearing high heels for a long day and not taking off make up before bed) probably once in a while you let yourself off, but being disciplined means that when you DO allow yourself to indulge, it seems like an extra treat.

Exercise is also crucial. There is not really a way around this. If you can commit to regular exercise where before you've been lazy, you will certainly notice a difference. Particularly if you're coupling exercise with eating properly. Sure you'll be tired for the first few weeks but you body will adjust. It's sticking with it that's hard. Again, keep at it 9 times out of 10 and your body will thank you for it. Though you might see it as taking up time, it's likely that you will spend at least half an hour a day procrastinating, re-reading emails or just checking social media/the weather/the football scores, and exercise will get you results.

Rest. Lots of sleep, and sleep which is deep. Tiring yourself out physically is the best way to sleep if you've got a lot on your mind. Switch off computers at least an hour before you go to bed and wind down. Don't feel guilty, make a to do list of the things you would be doing and do them in the morning. You'll get through them quicker. During sleep our bodies recuperate, but so do brains, and dreaming will sort thoughts out. And there is no shame in going to bed before 10pm.

General good health is something I know I take for granted. But by making an effort to treat your body well can push you on in leaps and bounds. By drawing the line and saying 'I must make time for these things', gives you the right kind of control over your working habits. I am appalled at the pressure some employees are under to put in a 12 hour day and this being a weekly or daily norm. Are employers the new slave owners? Today is a 24/7 world but let's not kill our best workers or miss our best work by pushing them or ourselves until we crack. Perhaps we can reap the benefits for our businesses by letting us put our lives in proportion to looking after themselves.

So how will changing your habits change your business?

Your brain will be clearer even just by having a walk around the block every day. Particularly if it's sunny. A little Vitamin D,  your lungs full of a bit of fresh air and you will look a whole lot less pale after a couple of months of daily walking. I find that I need to shake off things that are bothering me and walking or running often help. Mostly because I'm focusing on something else. Distracting yourself can help you reassess in a different way.

Your creativity will be boosted. When you feel energised and alive you are at your most creative, and become your most energised and alive. But if your body is struggling, you will not get to that 'top of the world' feeling. Concentrating for long period of time or being 'in flow' often need rest and exercise to counter negative consequences (even if it's merely RPI or dry eyes).

You'll be easier to work with. Tired, unfit people are grumpy and slouchy. They shout and moan even when they don't mean to. Feeling well means you're less likely to forget things and get it wrong. You have the capacity to help others, and you have the makings of a positive contribution to the environment. Smiling people usually get a better response whatever the task. It's your contribution which will add to the mix.

Can you share any other ways that you can cultivate a happiness boosting environment?