Deadline Stress

How do you deal with stress in the workplace? Here are my top 5 tips for keeping life sane. Eat, sleep and rest Stress is dealt with best when 'normally ' you are healthy. You cope with long days or all-nighters because your body is fighting fit. It can cope with the extra burden of sleep deprivation or not eating at regular intervals . If you are constantly overstretching yourself you will burn out. I've seen it and I've done it. Either circumstances force change or your health will stop you in your tracks. I don't recommend getting to that point. Plus you probably look like shit. Sorry! Be kind Even in the most horrendous circumstances of losing money or making mistakes, there is no reason to be nasty or angry with people. Unless they are malicious or deliberately tried to hurt you, and even then, I wouldn't recommend it, how you deal with crises is an insight into character. If you are tempted to throw something because someone messed up, take a few seconds to remember all the mistakes you've made. When you were the youngest or the least experienced, or just off-colour that day. Forgive and be creative in rectifying things. On the other side, stress can be hugely reduced by a prompt confession of a mistake. Take five to sort everything out It's easier to take a minute to reassess if everything is going wrong and delegate a few tasks than to get overwhelmed. If that's already been done give yourself a breather for a couple of minutes- run up the stairs, drink a glass of water or walk around the block. Something away from your desk. Remove yourself from the situation. Eat the frog Do the hard stuff first. Yes, it's tempting to jump right into the creative bits but perhaps have 10 minutes to write down your thoughts and then get the compliance or admin out of the way. Loose ends can make a long to do list. By making the phone call that you are dreading first thing, you attack your fear and the rest of the day will seem like a breeze.

There's always tomorrow Yes, sometimes the deadlines creep up on us, but prioritising will allow us to sort the urgent from the non-urgent. Don't spend time flapping. Prioritise and jump in. It means that you can see when you're not going to make it. It means you can take steps early to change things, and you'll end up looking better overall.

If you're constantly worrying about not making deadlines and it's not because you are giving into a daytime tv temptation, it's time for a reassess. A life trim down. Re-alignment. I'll be writing more in my next post on this subject. Please comment below if you have any more tips to share!